The Taxing Plight of Edward and Elaine Brown

The tax code and law that requires a US citizen to pay income tax is one I would love to see, that which requires myself and millions of others to pay income taxes. If the United States Government and IRS and US Marshal Service wish to quickly quiet this growing storm, why not just simply produce this law? Produce that which the Brown’s simply ask for? Simple isn’t it?
The more I read and educate myself on this subject, the more I tend to side with Edward and Elaine Brown. When I first saw and heard Edward and Elaine Brown speak I half expected to see a disheveled, crazy, kooky oddball couple that rattled off Bible quotes and “Praise the Lords” every other sentence, ranting and raving anti- government sentiments, just another couple of unstable lunatics whining and complaining about OUR corrupt government and unfair taxes. Not the case at all, Edward and Elaine Brown are both articulate ,intelligent,educated, likable ,stable, good natured people. They both seem to have their heads on very straight, and are having a tough time being discredited by our holier then thou government. At this point I expect the gov’t to try on a daily basis to discredit and humiliate the Browns into submission. Into bowing down and giving up. It has already started, electric services cut, telephone services cut, supplies cut , post several intimidating officers EVERYWHERE around the perimeter. Snipers, dogs, automatic weapons. This is being treated almost as a hostage situation. Why? The only one being held hostage here is the United States Constitution. You would think Edward and Elaine Brown were terrorists, or head of a major drug cartel, or mass murderers on the run. BUT they are not,they simply want to see a law, to know how that law works. They are fighting for their beliefs, fighting for what they feel is right .This has grown out of control, there are so many more issues much more relevant then this. Immigration, terrorism, poverty. Instead the US gov’t wishes to make an example of the Browns. To squash them and show America what happens when you do not pay taxes, how harsh a penalty. How asinine to say the least. I can just imagine the resources spent already to bring this lawless couple to justice. How ignorant. The money spent on officers, surveillance, fuel, food, etc. has already rivaled if not surpassed what the Browns owed in taxes already! I can just shake my head. Where and when will this circus end? When the US Government thinks it has “won”? When the ” Browns “lose”. By all means define “winning” to me , especially in US gov’t logic. Edward Brown dead? Elaine Brown dead? Problem swept under rug? News media no longer televising anything remotely related to tax evasion? I think this incident alone will have a very profound impact on our deteriorating image of our government. I see more and more ” I love my country, BUT fear my government” bumper stickers. This is a growing sentiment. I admire Edward Brown for having enough insight to prepare for this. To be “green”. To listen to his instincts and prepare for the worst. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, I’m afraid. I hate to say but I think Edward Brown and others will die for their beliefs. Which they are fully prepared to do. And which is sad that it will probably resort to needless deaths. I truly hope it opens America’s eyes and their deaths won’t be in vain. I always thought that was what the US Constitution was based on? Freedom, justice, to get away from England’s severe taxation. Haven’t we become that which we once fought to get away from over 230 years ago? How is this is any different? People speaking out against taxation should not be getting persecuted for it. I find myself following this story very closely. I’m very interested in the outcome, how this will affect me, and the United States at large. Edward and Elaine Brown refuse to pay income taxes because of a law they say that cannot be produced,defined, or clarified . They have said on more then one occasion, if I am required by law to pay income tax by all means show it to me , “Show me the Law”, and to be honest I can’t blame them. I myself would like to see this law as well, that which requires me to pay taxes. Why pay a tax no one can clearly show? Not even the Internal Revenue Service? , how can a law be 100% enforced without clearly defining said law? If you are arrested in the United States of America you have the right to counsel/ legal representation, you have the right to remain silent, you have many rights, you have the right to be informed what law you have allegedly broken, under what tax code does it state we are REQUIRED to pay income tax? So many people for so long have paid taxes WITHOUT question. Complacency has taken over, we did as our fathers, and grandfathers did before us. No questions asked. We thought we were doing the right thing, that which was the law.That which was written down in a book… somewhere…But where? SO to solve this problem we need to simply write this law , right? Write it down that WE must pay income tax, easy right? WRONG. Taxes based on personal income are unconstitutional . Maybe that is why this has become such a muddled unclear subject of late. It CANNOT and WILL NOT be clearly defined by ANYONE, not the IRS, not the Supreme Court, Edward and Elaine Brown are just the most recent of which have asked this question of our omnipotent government. For so many years we have not questioned that which needs to be questioned. WE as a whole, as a population felt the US gov’t in general was looking out for our best interests for OUR value and beliefs. I think that has changed, I think it changed many years ago, before Vietnam.
It seems to me that freedom of speech seems to be on trial here as well. Go ask Ed and Elaine Brown about free speech. The Federal Government seems to be keeping a pretty tight lid on THEIR free speech BECAUSE they chose to speak out and acted upon their constitutional rights. Now Ed Brown is barricaded inside his home, no phone, no power, and Federal marshals with armored vehicles right outside his door. BECAUSE he chose to freely express his beliefs and interpretations of our US Constitution and is willing to die for them…It has been rumored that their home has been shot at, friends have been shot at and arrested for unjust cause. All because they wish for the government to simply produce a law they have enforced for years and years. Which they cannot do because it does not seem to exist…How is that for free speech?
It has been briefly in the news and then forgotten, it will be another Waco or Ruby Ridge incident most likely. “Bad people disobeying the US government”. BUT their is a difference here, the Internet , the world wide web and computers are more prevalent, and people can find out information on their own, view things for themselves WITHOUT it being sliced, diced, chopped and edited. WITHOUT the biased opinions and views of various news stations and agencies. In the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents we were at the mercy of the local or national news agencies and their affiliates. Now we can research subjects such as Edward and Elaine Brown on the Internet for ourselves. We can form our own opinions and ideas of what is occurring without having an aging anchorman or woman force feed us biased information. That is the difference between Ruby Ridge and Waco and this incident. I feel many are watching to see just what happens and make sure everything is 100% absolutely done by the book. This is not over yet. I honestly hope no one has to be killed or injured over their beliefs, but it looks like lines have been drawn in the sand. Especially by the unforgiving Federal Government…