The Taxing Plight of Edward and Elaine Brown

While certain members of Congress and President Bush thumb their noses at the electorate in determination to grant amnesty to untold millions of criminals who entered the United States illegally, a patriotic couple in New Hampshire is facing an unjust psychological war and seizure of their private property and persons.

Ed (who prefers to be called Edward) and Elaine Brown are American citizens; true patriots who love their country and believe in the sovereignty of the individual as inalienable rights are derived from God and not a political establishment. The couple has been accused of failing to pay taxes and subsequently sentenced to over five years in prison. The government can have as much money printed as it wants by the Federal Reserve, a group of private bankers that charges interest for printing the paper dollar bill. So, why all the hoopla over the Brown’s refusal to pay taxes on their labor? After all, all the Brown’s asked during their trial was for someone – anyone – to show them the law in black and white that requires American citizens to pay an income tax. Ironically, no one could show them such a law because it does not exist.

What is most perplexing about the unjust plight of Edward and Elaine Brown is that the same government bringing down the hammer on them over a measly two hundred thousand dollars is the very same government who is now prepared to not only grant citizenship to millions of illegal aliens whose first act coming into this country was breaking a law but also wants to give these same criminals ‘tax amnesty’. That is, while living here illegally as fugitives and earning an income, these criminals have not paid one red cent into social security or in income taxes. Never mind, though, George W. Bush says they deserve our respect and therefore we should forgive all of their criminal offenses and offer them a clean slate, in spite of the fact that an estimated seventy-six percent of the legal American population is firmly against such reprehensible measures.

This brings me back to the couple in New Hampshire. News reports indicate that the FBI and US Marshalls, along with local law enforcement, continue to hide in the bushes with all of their guns and militarized gear around the Brown’s private property waiting for the order to take them by force. Why hasn’t Congress offered tax amnesty to this couple who are legal, American citizens that haven’t broken any laws? There you have it – proof that the Washington establishment has been tipped on its head and is living life upside down.