The Truth of Cannabis

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, Hemp, and various other terms both street and medically, has been looked down upon by many society’s over the last half-century or so because of politics, greed, corruption, amongst various other things.  luckily, I am here to reveal to you the truth about cannabis. What I am about to tell you will never be taught to you in school and may seem very controversial to you at first but I assure you my information is not at all biased, opinionated, or false. It is based on scientific fact and a simple google search will back me up.

To begin with, marijuana is not harmful. There has not been a single study documented  that conclusively deems marijuana harmful, detrimental, or negative in anyway to the human body or to the mind. Marijuana has been cultivated as far back as 10,000 B.C by the Chinese and since then has been used as a cash crop for its medical and recreational uses by thousands of different cultures for thousands of different years.

Furthermore, not a single death or overdose has ever been recorded in history as a result of marijuana usage. In fact, to overdose on marijuana you would have to smoke some 14,000 pounds within 5-10 minutes!  Did you know that the Bible and the Constitution were both written on hemp, a type of paper derived from the cannabis plant? I’ll bet you did not! I am far from finished yet!

Marijuana if legalized could replace 10-20% of all prescription drugs sold on the market today. Some of these disease and illnesses include High cholesterol, Depression, Multiple sclerosis, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, chronic pain, appetite loss, glaucoma, muscle spasticity from spinal cord injuries, migraine headaches, clinical depression, seizures, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders, and over 5,000 more.

On another note, the marijuana plant itself has over 55,000 different kinds of uses. It can be used to produce, paper, cardboard, rope, fishing line, soap, fiberglass, silk, fibers, clothing; the first car ever made ran on hemp. Cannabis serves as a efficient renewable energy source and with that said, we would never have to cut down another tree again! Marijuana could eliminate global warming, deforestation, acid rain and pollution!

In the United States not to long ago marijuana was its # 1 cash crop and at one point was crucial in maintaining the economy. You could actually get FINED for not growing the plant on your property as a home owner. Still don’t believe me? Ask some of the most important people in history why they smoked cannabis. Many scientists, inventors, artists, and singers have used cannabis in their history. People like Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, George Washington, Bill gates, Al Gore and many, MANY others.

Smoking enhances innovation, creativity, and productivity contrary to popular belief (what the government tells you). The government every year wastes 23 billion dollars annually in drug enforcement and 2/3rds of that is targeted towards marijuana. Despite the governments foolish efforts to control marijuana, 58 million people in the U.S are current users of the drug and the drug is so easy to get ahold of, for god’s sake you can buy the seeds online!

If you don’t think the government is lying to you then how would you explain the prohibition on testing of the plant? Or big tobacco companies paying millions of dollars to the government to keep marijuana illegal. See its really rather simple, tobacco and alcohol companies know that when marijuana is legalized they will be put right out of business so they pay to keep it illegal. The main reason why marijuana is still illegal is because the government profits so much off of it being illegal through the black-market, Fines paid for using it, rehabs, and many other things.

The government says marijuana is addictive and users will usually want more and more of the drug and often move on to harder and more intense drugs (the gateway theory). Of course this is false since marijuana is not nearly as addictive as coffee, nicotine, or even sugar. In fact marijuana is not physically addicting at all! Its about as addicting as you want to turn your T.V on. There are no withdrawls associated with quiting marijuana or less consumption of it. In country’s where marijuana is legal such as the Netherlands, there are less suicides, lower crime rates, less depression, and lower illicit drug user rates.

Marijuana can also be recreationally, medically, and nutritionally. Thats correct, marijuana could be used for its nutritional value through consumption of its seeds or flowers. They can all be used to spice, flavor, or even cook foods with. As a marijuana user myself for many years, I have experienced the maximum beneficial effects this herb (not drug) can give. It has helped me in school, socially, and as a motivation in my life. While it may be true that any kind of smoke entering the lungs is unhealthy and therefore harmful, then you can always smoke from a vaporizer, bong, or eat it through baked goods.

I personally find it wrong and immoral that half the jail population is locked up for smoking a natural, beneficial herb that has been used for thousands of years. Please do the right thing and join the marijuana advocates and break free from the governments brain washing! Sign petitions, speak out to your local government, and take up arms for a better freer America!