The us Supreme Court Shows Tension between Justices Scalia and Roberts Trust – Scalia

In the 21 years that Antonin Scalia has been a member of the US Supreme Court, he has shown a determination to follow not just the letter of the US Constitution, but also the spirit of the founding fathers that authored the Constitution.

In decision after decision, he has taken a stand as a strict originalist who believes in the rights of the people. He also has consistently sided for those that believe that the rights granted under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not guidelines, but rather they are rules, set in concrete.

Though some may view Justice Scalia’s written opinions to be contradictory, the logic and legal reasoning behind these ‘contrary’ decisions can be seen with only a little research into the nuances of the judicial system.

Justice Scalia has shown his respect for the rule of law, the rule of the US Constitution, and more importantly, respect for the people that the Constitution is designed to protect.

He has shown that he is a staunch opponent of judicial activism, while fortifying the constitutional separation of powers into three branches.

When comparing Justice Scalia to other members of the Supreme Court, and indeed to other members of the US Government, it is hard to find a person more consistent in his personal views, and more staunch in his desire to do what is constitutionally right.