The us Tax Season Viewed in Historical Perspective

Ah, another tax season is slowly working into full swing. A joyous time of year filled with W-2’s and 1040’s. The tradition becomes more entrenched in American culture with each passing year with no sign of letting up. April 15th should no doubt be deemed a national holiday for it is the day that every working citizen gives their part to provide for the wonderful services provided by our government.

If this seems a bit too rosy a picture, it is for very good reason. Many people in this country are living under the assumption that the money that is ripped from our paychecks is actually used to fund government programs designed for the betterment of society. In theory, that is how the system is supposed to work. In reality, the whole process is far different and very sinister.

In 1913, the Congress of the United States hurriedly passed a bill that would become widely known as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The bill established a central banking structure in the United States to oversee the control of the country’s currency, a task explicitly given only to the Congress by the United States Constitution.

The Act allowed a non-governmental agency headed up by private bankers to now dictate the monetary policy of the United States. Gone were the days of the gold and silver standards when the government faced minimal debts and maintained a strong dollar with the backing to keep it strong. With the new central bank came the establishment of a monetary policy based on “Fiat currency.”

“Fiat Currency” is in simple terms, money that is created out of thin air with no backing. In times prior, a dollar was not printed unless there was a dollar worth of gold or silver in the United States Treasury. With the new system, fake money was being thrown about without concern. As this progressed, the United States government began to amass a debt that today totals more that $8.5 trillion or approximately $34,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country.

Most people will see that debt and say it is not good and needs to be paid off. What few people realize is that there are many other things that are affected by that debt. The debt was born out of the wayward printing of worthless money (Fiat). As more cash is produced without the addition of gold or silver to back it, the value of said cash dwindles.

As the federal reserve lends money, it does so as any banking establishment would, against the assets of the borrower. In the case of the United States government, they had no actual assets. Without assets, they could not borrow money. It would seem the story would end there but not so fast. Someone in the United States Congress came up with a grand idea; use the property of average American citizens as the collateral. How did they do this? Simple, the 16th Amendment of the United States Constitution which established the federal income tax was passed earlier in 1913 in preparation for the impending establishment of the federal reserve. How convenient!

By understanding “Fiat currency,” the Federal Reserve System, the 16th amendment, and the $8.5 trillion debt it should become clearer that the whole system is nothing but a money-making scam for the rich elites to benefit from. The other thing that should be taken from this is that when you file your income tax this year you should not smile at all the wonderful services that the money you have paid will provide you and your fellow citizens. That money is simply going to pay the interest on the federal debt, meaning the government will fall further and further into economic oblivion while the American citizens grow poorer because of it and the greedy private bankers at the Federal Reserve sit back and reap the rewards.

Paul Warburg is largely credited as the brains behind the federal reserve system and this quote is very telling, “”Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.” Very interesting don’t you think?