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I am rich but I don’t have lots of money. In fact, I am broke most of the time. So, how is possible that I consider myself rich? It is because being rich doesn’t always mean that you are wealthy in the financial aspect of things. I own my own home. I have a husband, a son, and three sweet little pets. I work a blue-collar job that pays my bills. I have people that care about me. I am happy and in that sense, I am the richest lady in the world.

We have all heard the names. We know of Ted Turner, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, The Hilton Family, Bill Gates and Hugh Heffner. They have plenty of money but little else it seems. How can anyone be truly happy constantly living under a microscope? Even their smallest of escapades catch media attention. They may be wealthy but at what price? How is it possible than money can make a person truly happy? Really, I doubt that it can.

If someone eats a piece of chocolate and they say that it is rich, they do not mean it is wealthy. The candy isn’t going to pay their bills or sweep them away to a paradise free of charge. They mean that it is strong. They mean that it gets their attention and holds it. It is something worth talking about and enjoying.

People that are rich are strong in knowledge. They learn from their mistakes rather than blaming them on others. They would never use the blood, sweat, and tears of others for personal gain. Rich people know what they want and they go for it honestly.

I have seen many rich people working minimum wage jobs. No, they may never know what it is like to own two homes, or not to have to work for everything they have but still they feel rich. They have everything they want in life. They don’t get things handed to them. They know and respect the value of a hard day’s work.

There are many families that are happy. They have good health and don’t ask for much. They live on budgets from one week to the next. They don’t know what they are missing and they don’t care. To me, this is what being rich is all about. It is more than just a financial thing. It is more than a tax write off or exemption. Being rich means being satisfied.

Being rich means accepting who you are and what you have made of yourself. It means being thankful for the little things. It means being glad for every breath you take and being grateful for what you do have, rather than what you don’t. Personally, I would rather be poor and rich in spirit and mind than wealthy and missing out on the things that matter most in life.