Theories on Ways to Stop Crime

The criminal justice system has created a hiding place for criminals. Guilty criminals are given more rights than the victims. The way to stop crime is to reinstate public hanging for those convicted of murder and/or public beatings for those who has committed sexual crimes against children and the elderly. Hanging criminals is the way to go. If they are hung they will not get another opportunity to kill or rape again. And tax payers will not have to provide them a place to stay. Why should tax payers be forced to take care of them?

Criminals that are convicted to life sentences are give a place to live free of charge for the rest of their sorry lives. This means tax payers have to feed, clothes, provide shelter, pay for their medical expenses, and assist in taking care of their children through the Welfare system. While they sit back, relax, get buff and cost tax payers additional money while they exercise their endless appeal rights. Where were the rights of their victims?

Neither form of the current death penalty has deterred the crime rate. Murders keep occurring, rape of innocent children are occurring every second, old people are being assaulted raped and robbed. Drive by shootings has killed too many innocent people. People who had no knowledge of the shooters. Innocent people who had nothing to do with the reason their homes were shot up. Convenient stores are being robbed every second of the day and general theft has escalated. We need to put a stop to crime immediately! Our current method of stopping crime is not working people!

Locking criminals in a jail cell has given them a paid vacation haven to escape from the public viewing and from their responsibilities. That is why we have so many repeat offenders. They know if they are lock up the public can not see them. They do not have to worry about paying bills, searching for employment, or taking care of their own kids. We simply, allow them to hide behind bars in a climate control building, feeding them three squares a day, and providing them with free water to shower. I say pulled them out into the streets and hang them on the courthouse lawn for the world to see. Maybe, them they will think twice before they purchase a gun or willfully kill or rape kids and old people.

If criminals are removed from their hiding place (jail) and placed on display for the general public to see them being hung or beaten this will indeed decrease violence in America, because no one want to be put to an open shame. This could be the best way to start deterring criminals before they commit a crime. We have been too soft on criminals and it has encouraged them to be repeat offenders, because they know they will be given three squares a day and a bed.