There are ways that individuals can modify their child support payments

If you are a homeowner, you might have to apply for a home modification plan to help you make your monthly payments. Likewise, if you pay or receive child support payments, you might have to apply for a child support modification plan. There are many reasons why a person might not be able to pay child support. Also, there are reasons why a spouse might be seeking additional child support. Your financial position can change and our health can change. Unforeseen circumstances can strike us at any time. 

Reasons for modifications

Please keep in mind that child support laws are not the same in every state. You may be able to request a change in your child support payments if you lose your job. Also, parents may be able to change the plan if they are incarcerated. On the other hand, the child’s needs may change and expenses may increase. In some cases, the child begins to spend more time with the other parent. Now, let us examine some ways how to get a child support order modified.

Calculate child support expenses

Calculate your child support expenses before you do anything. This is important because you might go to court and have to pay more money in child support. Contact a family lawyer or a law facilitator in your city. The family lawyer or facilitator can run calculations and give you an estimated amount you may have to pay. They can also help you file paperwork for your court case. You can also calculate the expenses by using your state’s child support calculator. This process will help you make a sound decision before you decide to go to court.

Request a court to modify child support

Contact a family court in your city or county and put in a request for a child support modification order. Fill out all the court forms and financial statements. Make sure all the forms are filled out correctly and have them reviewed by the court or a family lawyer. Make at least three copies of all the paperwork. The original copy should be held by the court and you and your spouse should have a copy. You will be given a court date. The judge will make a decision based on your state’s child support guidelines.

Contact local child support agency

Contact the local child support agency in your area. This agency may be able to help you get a child support order modified. Tell the agent that you need someone to evaluate and modify your child support court order. The agent can try to work out an agreement between you and your spouse. If you and your spouse agree to the terms, you will both sign the agreement. The agent will send the signed paperwork to a judge. If the judge approves the agreement and signs the paperwork, you have just modified your child support order.

Working together

In some cases, parents can work together and come up with their own agreement. Both parties should put all the terms of the agreement in writing and they should honor the contract. This way, both parties avoid fees and other expenses that might be associated with a child support modification.

Finally, parents do have options that will help them modify their child support payments. They can calculate the expenses, request a court modification or contact the local child support agency for assistance. More importantly, parents should try to work together to reduce expenses and help each other during difficult times.