There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Agree

The average United States Citizen is complacent and worried about political correctness that they would say anything as long as it was politically correct. I have a son of 4, I say to him; “Jared if you are thinking about doing something and you have to look around to see what others think, do not do it.” Man has certain instincts one is guilt. And a young child growing up in life should ask a question before trying something new. “Would my mother and father want me to do this?

I do not hesitate to answer when I know something is not right? Because of the constant spin doctors of the media telling us stories and not “Just the facts ma’am.” For instance we are being conditioned to think it is wrong to have money. How you ask? The media when a drug suspect is caught and has as little as one hundred dollars on them the media will tell you he was caught with cash.

People who ordinarily would not have an abortion do so because of constant media attention when a Judicial opening or Department of Justice post is being filled the first question is, will you enforce a woman’s right to choose? I’ve heard and read that question many times over the decades. If I didn’t know better I would think it was one of the holy sacraments of the Congress.

Is it because of the Elitist ownership of the national news wires and the larger papers, the distortion of news frames Public Policy. Well I for one want back my morality and my right to morality. It is not in the Constitution for the Supreme Court or the Legislature to tell the people what is moral. The Constitution gives the states and the people everything not covered in the Constitution to the Federal Government in clear simple English text. And it says that we have inalienable rights by our creator to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without reference to age. And I for one witnessed life when I knew my wife was pregnant and did it intuitively. It should be up to the states to decide not the Federal Government who should have the choice.