There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Agree

There was a time in my life, that if abortion had been legal, I would’ve paid the fee gladly and terminated the life of my child. My life was that bad, or so I thought at the time. I look at my daughter, who’s 36 years old, and give thanks a thousand times over that I did not have that option!
Our society uses the argument that “It’s a woman’s right to choose,” and “It’s my body and I have control over it.” I do not believe that argument for a second. Abortion is used as an excuse to destroy a life, pure and simple. That life might be, as in my case, poor timing, or an indiscretion that will cause an inconvenience in the normal synch of things. We have become such a selfish, hedonistic society that our needs and concerns must come before those of any other living thing, even a soon-to-be viable infant! We find excuses to use abortion, claiming it as a “right” and a “privilege” held under the law when in truth, it is nothing more than the destruction of a child.
It amazes me when a woman is injured and her baby is wanted, the child is claimed as a victim, but when her child is unwanted, and she is injured, no charges will be filed! It’s no different than rolling dice. Is it or isn’t it? It depends on whether or not the mother wants it! It’s magic! It becomes a baby if it’s wanted but it’s nothing more than a zygote if it’s not! There is no logic whatsoever to that way of thinking. It either is a child or it isn’t! One can assuage their conscience forever but it will always be a child they destroyed.
I personally know two young women who were married when they had their abortions, but they were attending college and didn’t want to have to give up their lofty goals, never mind that they could have put them on the back burner! They speak of the procedure as though they had a wart removed. They have convinced themselves that there is “no harm, no foul.”
I am reminded of a time in history when unwanted children were left on garbage dumps (ancient Rome). Have we, as a society, come any further than that?