There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Disagree

Abortion clinics have doubled and then tripled in number across the United States of America in the past decade. The voice of protesters has grown just as quickly and has made good efforts to squelch the practice of abortion. Pros and cons alike raise very good points and are usually very passionate about their beliefs in this concern. Abortion is a personal private decision. Is it murder? Yes. Is it excusable? Sometimes it is. Should our government allow women to have an abortion? Yes, abortion should be allowed without question.

People who agree with me on this subject usually see this as one of the freedoms we enjoy. People who disagree with me see this as a moral issue. What makes this such a stinging debate is the fact that an unborn life is at stake. People naturally want to rush to the aid of the defenseless. Everyone wants to empower the helpless, unborn child.

The first thing I usually think about is what will actually happen to the unborn child or fetus. I can only observe this from the focal point of my own beliefs. The child will return to GOD who gave it. I am not condoning murder. I think it is a morally wrong decision to have an abortion. Then I ask myself if our government has the right to dictate our morals. Were we not granted the right to make amoral decisions by GOD Himself? Refer to Rom. 1:28; “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;”. If GOD can step back and let us be ruled by a reprobate mind, where does our government have a right to take away that GOD given privilege?

I do not apologize for my beliefs in this matter. I look at the subject from several viewpoints. If a woman decides she does not want her unborn child, for any reason, why should our government be able to sentence that child to a world where it was not wanted from the onset? Even though there are many options for placing the child in a loving, safe, environment, a woman runs the risk of seeing her child raised in poverty by a paid caregiver. She also runs the risk of having the child look her up as soon as the child turns eighteen. If the pregnant woman decides on abortion, it should be her own private decision. I will not go into the many good reasons a woman might opt for having an abortion; we can all think of those. What I do want to leave you with is the actual question of the rights and wrongs of the decision itself. Our government is based on our rights as a people. It is also based on our right to religious freedom. How then, can our government ignore one of our GOD-given rights to have a “reprobate mind”?

Abortion is a serious matter. I am not making light of the situation. I simply think that a woman’s body is her own. Her decisions should be her own. If we reap what we sow, and we have sown a large field, we will have a lot of reaping to do. Our government has no right to make us reap before our time.