There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Disagree

I would like to disagree to agree with someone who believes that an underage mother should have restrictions on how her body should be mutilated. I believe that we have made issues out of everything dealing with family lifestyles and the ways fathers and mothers are brought up. We make child bearing shameful and yet we keep bring sex to the foreground of living.

Should little girls age 8years old be permitted to have sex? Or what age limit should we allow children to have sexual relations? So far that age bracket has not been placed in the hands of those who are supposed to be responsible adults. When a girl of whatever age feels the need to be in the mood for sex how would her parents know if they are at work and then in the bed? If a girl is in the mood for a relationship with a man or young man she thinks she’s in love with who will be there when the clothes come off and when the pregnancy comes who will bare the pain of having or not having the baby?

Our lifestyles are what makes it okay for children to have sex and young girls to be able to bare the shame or the pain or become loving and caring parents that will make the change from unintelligent parenting or parents that will be informative and willing to be openly involved with their child’s lives. As long as we are in the market for sex and drugs and under educating our youth of the dangers of media control, we will continue to have stupid debates about restrictions put on humanity for the sake of visible life control.

The restrictions that have been placed on us as humans is the very reason why we are racist, bigots and don’t know where we truly come from. The need to control the substance of our lives makes it hard for us to enjoy the essence of our lives as we become adults because as children we couldn’t wait to become adults. The control of the things needed for enjoying life has been the reasons for our downfall as human-beings.

Somebody needs to put restrictions on people who want to restrict everything that can make a person happy. Then old men will stop looking for young girls to pleasure them. Then old women will be pleasured by a man giving them love rather than looking at the size of a man after she has been violated from inside out. Then when a person meets another person of the opposite sex TRUE LOVE can manifest and same sex intimacy will never be lusted after.

To place restrictions on a young woman for the well being of her body can be a bomb placed on her life ready to explode into shame and lowered self esteem. We need to explore the content of life and remove things that causes us to feel shame and heartless for the satisfaction of life that makes us human. I agree that abortion should be restricted but I disagree that abortion should be restricted by those people who don’t know how to place restrictions on the lives of others and that is everybody but GOD! GOD SHOULD HAVE NO RESTRICTIONS ON OUR LIVES…