There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Disagree

An abortion is the right of the woman. Being a person that could’ve easily been aborted due to being the product of rape, it is so easy to relate to the yes side. However that does not sway me that way. Women are the ones that have to go through the pregnancy, have to deal with the fact that they have to go into the hospital and make a lot of decisions. Might give birth to a still-born merely because someone doesn’t want to give them the right to have an abortion.

Adopting a child is extremely hard now days but that is only because everybody wants a baby. If a child is older than 2, good luck finding them a home. There are a lot of children in foster care that could use a good home. Many of them fall through the crack after turning 18 because the state no longer supports them. The difficulty of that really takes a toll on the children as they approach that age.

Abortion should NOT by any means be a form of birth control, so limiting abortions-per person might be something that helps people make better decisions rather than taking their rights away from them completely. Nobody deserves to have to go through something because men want to control their women by telling them no.

There are several stages in a pregnancy. There are three trimesters but the first trimester has several different times that the baby develops into something else. I believe after the third trimester starts, a baby can live outside its mother and that’d be inhumane to do it then because it is basically a fully developed baby.

Abortions are done in several ways. Some ways are listed on the wiki website. They’re as following a miscarriage, artificially induced by chemical, or even surgery. There are some other ways but the details are pretty graphic.

While it may seem like wow, that’s a horrible way to end a child’s life, at the earlier stages, there isn’t much difference between a human’s egg and a frog’s egg. That’s how un-developed the baby is and I think the earlier the better if the choice is made.

Women will go anywhere to get away from rules if they are too rigid. Flexibility and choices just might help lead to better decisions and better choices but for right now, its the woman’s choice and her right.