There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Disagree

A woman cannot be deprived of a “right” to an abortion any more than can be deprived of her right to vote. The dissertation of this #1 writer, LibertyBob, says it all – and on and on. Talk about a load of double-talk. He tells a sad tale of a woman who sounds like Mother Earth who is mourning the loss of her life’s stated work, and then has the audacity to sit in judgment of another young woman who doesn’t perform to his satisfaction because, for her own viable reasons, doesn’t want the mantle of motherhood now.

Who are these uterus-less men to sit in judgment on women faced with decisions of this magnitude? It is certainly gratuitous to wax eloquent when it isn’t your life that is going to be turned upside down. This is up there with the argument that since a teen-ager isn’t mature enough to decide to terminate a pregnancy, she can’t do it. But she is, the argument continues, mature enough to have and raise a baby. If that makes sense, LibertyBob, then maybe you do have a point.

Abortion has touched my life dramatically – my mother, celebrating her 80th birthday – I was going to say tomorrow, but it’s after midnight – lost her mother at age 5 from an illegal abortion, obviously long before I was born, but it has had a profound effect on me nonetheless. She and her only sister, now 82, were raised motherless, and with that as their template for raising their own children, raised us, for all intents and purposes, motherless, too. Each sister had three children, and one each committed suicide, for example.

And now the feeling of overwhelming separation is going into the generation after that. My point is that my mother had a right to a mother above all else but the law would not permit it. My grandmother did what she thought was best for her family and did not take that decision lightly. Surely, had she been reckless, she could have committed suicide a lot easier, taking the unwanted child with her, than lingering in hospital for 10 days while she faded way in front of her loved ones.

In the Jewish faith, as a matter of fact, life does not begin at conception, but at 40 days after conception to allow for the many spontaneous abortions that occur in the first six weeks of pregnancy. Not all pregnancies are a blessed event, either. Parents who choose to be noble, have amniocentesis only to discover a less than physically fit child will be born, everything from a partial brain to Downs Syndrome, is selfish to not terminate that pregnancy. If Heaven is the goal, send them on. It is hypocritical not to. That’s why it is God who gives us the ability to make a choice and a brain to do it with.

No one can know what a newly pregnant woman goes through when she has not planned a family at that difficult time. And that is entirely, one hundred percent her right, her choice, and she also has the right to decide to end her pregnancy safely. She has the right to hold her head up, keep her business to herself without incurring comment from those who have less business having an opinion than having a cup of coffee. The self-righteous ones are those without rights to comment on the issue.

The law says that abortion is a right, and, LibertyBob, none of your business. So, I say the answer to this debate is a definite “no,” because you can’t kill a right. It is between a woman and her God, not a woman and LibertyBob or the Senate or the Supreme Court.