There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Disagree

Does anyone know why a woman chooses Abortion over going through with the pregnancy? I don’t think anyone is able to say that a thirteen year old should be made to carry out a pregnancy just because her life isn’t at stake. How about the woman that was abused in a way that had an outcome of her getting pregnant?

Every human being has made a decision for something in his or her lives that someone else would agree with and would not agree with. Men and women choose to share believes in one religion over another. They choose to raise their children home-schooled or put them in public school. While we are children our parents make those tough decisions for us and when we become adults we make those choices ourselves.

Some people say if you are old enough to have sex and get yourself pregnant then you are old enough to make that decision. Has anyone thought about the many children that are having sexual intercourse either by choice or not? This would affect them as well. Yes of course they can go through the pregnancy and have the baby, possibly put the child up for adoption. Miss out on school and go through all those life-changing experiences that occur when a woman becomes pregnant along with adding extra stress on her already growing body.

In my grandmothers’ day and before her time, if a woman was pregnant the only choice was to marry the man who helped you get into that situation to begin with. If that was not possible then you had to seek out an abortion clinic that was a lot more risky than it is today. You took the chance of infection, not being able to bare children later on down the road because the doctor or just some person off the street used a coat hanger to do the job, or you lost your life anyways.

We now live in a world where there are a lot of children in foster homes, group homes, high crime rate, Molestations happening right in our very own churches by people we are suppose to trust. The more things the government takes away the more people will still find a way to do what they decide is the right thing for them. It is a sad truth. Just look at all the people buying medicine or cigarettes over the Internet, the use of drugs while one state allows it and the federal government does not and how about driving a vehicle without insurance when it is a state and federal law to have insurance on vehicles in America.

I believe that it should be left for the woman to decide what is right for her body and herself as a whole person. Woman can make decisions; we have fought for the right to be acknowledged as human beings and as equals. I also believe that there should be stricter laws pertaining to children under the age of eighteen. I think that they need to worry more about parents being included when their children are going to clinics to get condoms, checked for STDs’, or even the possibility of being pregnant.

Parents should be involved, sitting next to their son or daughter when an issue like this arrives no matter how embarrassing the situation. Yes, the doctors can keep confidentiality with their patients, however when it comes to my child I want to be informed. The doctor as well as the child should always notify the parent the minute the child has made the call to the doctors’ office or the minute the child is sitting in the waiting room. They should not just believe the children when they say they will tell their parents at a later time. We all know that minors don’t always tell their parents everything that is why we are often asking the question “When should I talk to my child about sex and how to go about it?”

For the rest of us that are adults I think we have earned the right to make our own decisions for our lives. The next thing the government is going to want to control is how many babies we are allowed to have, or having a law that states after you have two children both parties are suppose to get fixed.

I had a hard time when I went into my doctors’ office when I had the choice to sign the papers to get fixed after my second child. My doctor tried to convince me to wait and to possibly have more children. These papers have to signed a certain amount of days prior to the surgery taking place, however they gave me outdated papers to sign and I had fight to get the doctors to do what I had already made the decision to do a year before.

Everyone has a choice in this world. Just because I don’t agree with my neighbors believes doesn’t mean there should be a rule against those specific ideals. Heck, I can’t stop the people who are multiplying like jackrabbits, why should they be able to decide my fate?