There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Disagree

After consideration, I do not believe in abortion except in certain instances like
rape or if the mother may die giving birth, or if the mother-to-be simply has to do it
for one reason or another. I am a strong Christian, and I retract
the following as I had a change of heart over this question.
I feel for the lives that have been lost uselessly because of abortion. I know
many women who would love to adopt in this country and they have to go to
other countries to adopt and they aren’t sure that what they are doing is
really legal.

This is a very controversial topic, I realize. However, I feel a woman’s body is
her own to do as she sees fit. I was raised in rural Alabama and saw many children
who didn’t have much food or clothing. My family tried to help these unfortunate people
but it seemed the more children they had, the more deformed ones began to be born.

The second thing I believe is that if one is carrying a child one does not want
that it (rejection) somehow gets into the fetus and gives it a ‘rejection complex.’ What
a terrible thing to have. I’m not sure this is a fact, as you know, but it’s a interesting possibility. I would rather not have been born to someone who didn’t want me at all.

I’m a strong Christian, or try to be. I know most Christians disagree with me
and my feelings on this subject. That is okay, for we all have opinions and I suppose mine is
as good as anyone’s.

My Mom was living during the time when abortions were forbidden and she knew
many women and young ladies who used bad methods to get rid of their fetuses. She said it was
better to have legalized abortion available than to risk infection and have to see
someone for the procedure who wasn’t a doctor at all. I won’t go into the ‘horror stories’
I was told about them.

Mom was 69 when she died in 1976. She had to
have an abortion after I was born because her doctor told her that she would
not live if she carried the fetus full term. You see my Mom was paralyzed
from the waist down when I was born.

I don’t express my views on this subject very often for most of my buddies
and relatives are strong Christians and they call it ‘murder’ but I call
it ‘mercy.’