There should be Restrictions on Availability Abortion except Mothers Life – Disagree

The only logical restriction should be if the woman is along far enough that it would be in everyones interest to wait a few weeks and let her choose to adopt the child out.

No person should have any right whatsoever to tell a woman what she should do with her own body, regardless of it being your wife,girlfriend,mother or daughter This includes from how she chooses to dress,to if she decides to have an abortion.

The woman is the one who will carry the child for 9 months,do more than her fair share of feeding,changing and the dreaded diaper detail. Not to mention a lifetime of nurturing,teaching and at times bailing the child out of situations. Sometimes the man is unwilling to take upon himself the same responsibilities, and can easily abandon her and the child. I will not try to vilify other men by this, I am merely stating that a man could leave the situation any time he chose to.

What really bothers me is there is no consideration given about the women who are raped,or the child born with a painful or severely disabling condition,it is not fair to the woman or the child in either situation. Yet the responsible and humane thing to do is vilified by some of the same people who shout that taking an innocent life is evil, but would gladly condone or participate in bombing a Planned Parenthood clinic and or kill those medical personnel that work there.

In South Carolina where I now reside, a woman wishing to get an abortion must first see a picture of the fetus, before she makes the final decision. This makes a personal choice into a lifelong regret, and is quite heartless and oversteps the bounds of sound government.

It is sickening to see any person male or female in newspapers and on television, being propped up by the likes of hate groups such as Operation Rescue. Calling a woman a whore,murderer and baby killer, because she chooses to not bring a child into the world.

As a man, if my wife or girlfriend chooses to have an abortion,or to raise the child my responsibility is to be there to support her decision whatever that may be 100% and nothing less.