Things to do about Taxes when You’re President

Want to give a major tax cut to everyone who files taxes without costing the government a cent. It’s really far easier than you might think, in fact there is a good chance that in doing so you could actually bring in more money for the federal government. How could these two seemingly contradictory ideas happen together. It would be quite easy. You make a tax code that anyone could fill out on the back of a three by five card and save the American people the 26.5 billion dollars that they spend on tax preparation this year.

It is not just those who have to fill out personal taxes which would be helped of course. Every large business in the country hires people who’s sole job it is to do taxes. These people’s job is not only to prepare the taxes but help them avoid spending any more than necessary on those taxes, it is this along with many people who fill taxes incorrectly because they don’t understand and a giant IRS building full of professional auditors which cause problems.

It is a well known fact that companies will build in places where the taxes are least expensive, but one of the things that a smart business will factor in how difficult it is to understand what they owe.

The flat tax is in no way a new idea, but it is one which is very difficult to convince those in Washington D.C. to adapt. This is ultimately because the tax code is one of the easiest way for them to control people without the backlash they get for passing laws which would do the same thing. Put huge taxes on cigarettes and you might get a few people who are upset, but you will balance that by having money to spend on those people as well as all of those who aren’t upset by the tax.

There are many of us who are addicted to these confusing tax codes. we plan our budgets around the idea that the government will take more money than it needs, keeping us from getting the interest for much of a year and forcing us to jump through hoops to get it back as well as feeling good when we find another loophole or tax write off to get us a few more dollars of our own money back.

The second reason that few in Washington D.C. do not want a flat tax is that it would make it clear to many Americans just how much mone they are paying as well as making it far more difficult to raise taxes, but these are both good things in my opinion and as president I would ensure that everyone in America payed the same percentage of their income to the government as every other American. Not only simple but completely fair.