This High Cost of Medical Care and why it is both Good and Bad to have Health Insurance

Millions of people are living without health insurance because they can’ t afford it. When you are living without health insurance, you start to deal with many issues including the pros and the cons of not having health insurance.

Here the PROS of not having health insurance:

1. You don’ t have to pay a monthly premium when you don’t have health insurance. Your monthly premium can run into hundreds possibly thousands of dollars each month.

2. Use the money towards buying other things that you need more, such as food, electricity, and rent. No longer are you obligated to pay for health insurance which can be as much as much as a mortgage payment every month. When you are very young, many times you do not even need to have health insurance because you are so healthy you never use it.

3. Your employer saves money, by not paying anything towards health insurance, and possibly can afford to pay you more money, or he can update his facilities.

4. You don’t have to memorize your health insurance identification number.

5. You can save money each month towards buying a health insurance plan of your choice, not what the company you work for offers.

6. Without health insurance, you can pay cash for all your health needs.

The CONS of living without health insurance:

1. You don’t have any health insurance! That is a worry that always weighs on your mind. When you get sick, you worry about going to the doctor, the emergency room, or having routine tests done.

2. You must pay all of your health care costs, which can run into more than you make in one year. Health care costs are out of sight, today and keep climbing. When you think about it, you can’t get sick or see a doctor.

3. By not having health insurance, you will wait until you are very sick, ending up going to the emergency room.

4. By not having health insurance you can no longer afford preventative medicine, such as getting flu shots, and obtaining medicine for ongoing health problems.

5. Without health insurance, you will have to pay the FULL cost of prescriptions, which many times are astronomical.

6. Most probably, you will have to wait for months and months to try and receive Medicare, or Medicaid.

7. Many doctors will not take cash from you, when you don’t have health insurance. In other words, they won’t see you, or help you out, without some type of medical insurance.

The cons outweigh the pros of not having health insurance. As you get older, you will need to have health insurance because you may have major health problems. Hereditary conditions such as diabetes, or high blood pressure can surface later on in life when you will need health insurance. Many times when you are younger, you won’t need health insurance, and it does seem like an unnecessary monthly cost.