Three Strikes Law Justified or Draconian

People who repeatedly commit crimes show that they did not reform the first two times they were convicted. Thus it seems logical to give them a longer sentence after the third time. If a person did something to betray my trust I might forgive them once, or maybe even twice, if I honestly thought they had changed, but after the third time, and each consecutive time thereafter, it would be harder and harder for them to earn back my trust. I feel that people who unjustly violate the rights of others on multiple occasions in clear violation of the law, should be prevented from soon repeating their crime. If they continue to repeat it after their release from prison, we should make the penalties harsher because they obviously didn’t get the message and have proven they still cannot be trusted by society. That is why we require sex offenders to be registered and have police inform people when they move into the neighborhood. When I was a child I actually learned for the first time that the father of a good friend of mine, who appeared to me to have a single mother, was actually in jail for a sex related crime, on the day he was released and returned to the neighborhood to move in with his mother, whom I also knew. The police came to our door and gave us a paper with his picture, name, and address. I recognized the address as being that of my friend’s grandmother, and the first name resembled the nickname by which his mother had recently referred to her son who would be coming home soon. Knowing that I had trouble with sports she had said that he would teach me basketball. However after reading that paper I decided he wouldn’t be teaching me anything. Unfortunately though, his daughter suffered mercilessly for this disclosure because many of our peers, who also lived in the neighborhood started making fun of her for it and saying it explained why she was so messed up. I felt sorry for her, and I wish I knew what happened to her after she grew up and moved out of the neighborhood. On the other hand I don’t feel sorry for her father. People who disagree with the three strikes law are the same tyoes of people who disagree with the death penalty even for the most repulsive and horrendous of crimes. These kinds of arguments give me the feeling that these people don’t believe in justice, or in punishing people for their crimes. The only way to protect the rights of the people is to take certain rights away from those that actively and unlawfully violate those rights. Such as the right to liberty, which is removed by putting someone in jail and preventing them from repeating their crime. When someone commits murder, especially when it is discovered that someone the killer takes pleasure in taking away people’s right to live, should have that right taken from them.