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Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

Gray Partridge, Sariska Wildlife SanctuarySariska became a sanctuary in the year 1958. The sanctuary came under the project Tiger in 1979 and became a national park in 1982. It is located at Kankwari fort, near Alwar, on the Delhi Jaipur Highway. The terrain is predominantly hilly, as it lies in the Aravalli range. It has total area of 788 sq. kilometres, with a core area of approx. 47sq. kilometres.

Geographical Details:
- Core : 497 sq. km.
- Buffer : 369 sq. km.
- Total : 866 sq. km
- Longitude : 79°17' to 76°34'N
- Latitude : 27°5' to 27°33' E
- Altitude : 300 m. to 722 m. MSL
- Rainfall : Average 650mm
- Temperature - Minimum : 0°C, Maximum : 41.5°C

Wild attractions: The forests are dry deciduous, with trees of Dhak, Acacia, Ber and Salar. The Tigers of Sariska are largely nocturnal and are not as easily seen as those of Ranthambhor. The park also has good populations of Nilgai, Sambar and Chital. In the evenings, Indian Porcupine, Striped Hyaena, Indian Palm Civet and even Leopard are sometimes seen. The forests are lush during and immediately following the monsoon, but during the dry months of February May there is a shortage of water and in consequence mammals are attracted to water holes. At this time of year visibility is good because of the sparse foliage. Sariska is excellent for birdwatching and has an unusually large population of Indian Peafowl.

Tiger, Sariska Wildlife SanctuaryIn the backdrop of history!
Apart from wildlife, there is touch of historicity as well. Located inside the park are ruins of medieval temples of the Hindu God Shiva. The ruins of the temple Garh-Rajor, built in the 10th century, are scattered all over the jungle. A 17th-century castle on a sharp hilltop at Kanakwari provides an excellent view of Sariskas avian inhabitants in full flight. It is in this fort that Mughal emperor Aurangzeb once imprisoned his very own brother, Dara Shikoh.

Best time to visit!
Sariska is open to visitors throughout the year, although certain jungle tracks are closed during the monsoon and the breeding season. The best time to visit the park is late in the winter around January or February. If you dont mind the heat, April to June is a great time to see animals at the waterholes.

Arrival information:
Air: Jaipur is the nearest airport from Sariska at a distance of 107 kms.
Rail: The nearest railway station is at Alwar (37 kms).
Road: Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is situated off the Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur Road. Jaipur is located at a distance of 107 kms and Delhi at 200 kms from Sariska. It is also well connected with Alwar, which is further directly connected with bus services from Delhi and Jaipur.

Hotel accommodation is available in close proximity but outside the park limits. The RTDC has two hotels on the periphery of Sariska, and the forest department operates a small rest-house.

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