Tips for Buying in Bulk

It’s no secret that buying in bulk is usually the way to go to lower costs, if you are careful to check out the “bargains”, and you have some method to keep and store your purchases.

1. Most supermarkets have a section that furnishes items that can be purchased in bulk. You can find super large size can goods, and in the meat department, large trays of meats, that are normally priced a dollar or more per pound less than the smaller packages. If you are buying meats, look at the dates on the meat. Many stores will use these sales to get rid of products that are in danger of expiring within a couple of days. These are still perfectly fine to eat, but if you do buy these, make sure that you freeze them immediately when you get them home. Check the prices on the “family size” package and compare with the other packages. Just because they are advertised as money savers or packaged in bulk doesn’t mean that the savings is real.

If you are going to buy large cans of anything, which usually is priced at a savings, make sure that it is something you will actually use before it expires. If you end up throwing away part of your purchase, it isn’t a savings.

2. Have a plan as to how you are going to store your bulk purchases. If you don’t have a freezer, or have limited space, even a compact model will help. Package your purchases that can be frozen in sealed containers or vacuum sealed bags that will keep them from freezer burn, and keep them fresh until you need them. If you are buying dried goods in bulk, and they come in plastic bags, divide them into sealed jars, or put them in the freezer to keep them from becoming stale.

3. Check out several stores in your area every week for their specials. If you have a bulk warehouse store nearby, it is sometimes a good idea to shop there, even if they require a yearly membership fee.

4. Years ago, housewives went to the orchards and farm markets during the peak seasons, bought bushels of produce, and canned jars of fruits and vegetables for the winter. We can still get good bargains from local farm markets and either can or freeze them.

Buying small packages on a weekly basis is expensive, and does require many trips back and forth to the store. Buying in bulk is a money saver, and can save you time.