Tips for Cheaper Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is often expensive, but most states require it to be carried on a vehicle that is being driven. Insurance rates can vary greatly from company to company, and there are several ways you can get cheaper auto insurance rates. Use the following tips and you could be on your way to saving hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance every year!

Ask for discounts

Auto insurance companies offer plenty of discounts, but you will have to ask in order to receive them. The discounts offered vary by company, however, common discounts offered by auto insurance companies include safe driver discounts, auto club ( such as AAA) memberships, and loyal customer discounts. Additional discounts can be obtained in ways such as purchasing your auto insurance online or for paying your premiums less frequently.

Shop around

With the help of the Internet, it is simple and easy to get multiple auto insurance quotes for different companies at once. This will help you easily find the lowest rate in your area as well as offer a glimpse at the perks and benefits each auto insurance company offers their customers. These quotes take just minutes to complete and can save you 30% or more on your auto insurance premiums.

Keep a clean record

Many states allow the use of a credit report in determining the amount you will pay for auto insurance. A negative credit report can result in a much larger premium. Maintain a good credit standing and positive credit score for this and many other reasons. The credit report isn’t the only record to keep clean. Your driving record is always used for auto insurance companies when insuring you. Lots of tickets or accidents will make your premium’s sky rocket. Keep them clean.

 Protect your investment

An auto theft occurs every 26 seconds in America. That’s an alarming rate! As auto insurance companies look for ways to cut back expenses, many offer some pretty hefty discounts when you equip your vehicle with anti-theft features such as key-less entry and car alarm systems. Find out what discounts are available for you.

Drive a more efficient car

The type of automobile you drive will greatly affect your auto insurance rates. Luxury cars and those with larger sized engines cost More to ensure while more family type cars cost less.

Only go for the luxury car if you are ready to pay for it at the insurance agency.