Tips for Cutting your Cable Bill

Whether in the thralls of economic recession or enjoying financial prosperity, no one wants to pay for television. Television has become so mundane that some people can’t seem to imagine life without it. This feeling of necessity coupled with a relatively small base of providers in most areas allows for high costs for cable television. With increasing television and movie services available through the Internet, cable TV is losing some steam. If cutting your cable bill is your goal, consider the following tips.

Cut the cable – figuratively

Many people already have high speed Internet access in their homes. This allows for obtaining access to most of the content available through cable television by way of various web pages such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Major news networks have websites with articles and videos, available around the clock, with limited or no commercials. Internet services may be bundled with cable services, which essentially leave customers paying for the same service twice. Unless the bundle price is cheaper than Internet alone, consider eliminating cable altogether and find ways to access the information you seek through the Internet.

Find another provider

In some areas there may be only one cable provider. If there are multiple providers, do some research and find which ones offer the best rates. Perhaps there are customizable channel packages offered by one provider and not another. Smart shopping can lead to a more appropriate service for your needs in addition to a lower monthly bill. Beware of special promotional deals with low rates for six months or a year followed by doubled premiums after the introductory period. If Internet access isn’t a sufficient substitute for cable TV in your life, try to find the best deal from a provider that offers bundled services for Internet, television, and phone (if applicable).

Analyze cable use

Cable television providers offer basic and premium packages and channels. Do a cost analysis regarding your cable use. Cable is always on, so it is always being paid for, there isn’t a standard pay for use option outside of some movie channels. Determine your cable needs and see if switching to a basic package of channels will be sufficient, providing monthly savings on the bill. Perhaps dropping cable altogether is the best option based on use of the service. The quickest way to reduce a cable bill is to cancel the service.

Television is a luxury

Arguments can be made for why cable television is a necessity in the home, but the bottom line is that it isn’t one. There are free forms of information, such as radio, and alternative means of finding television-quality entertainment, such as the Internet. When every dollar spent needs to be spent with good reason, cable television is an easy variable to adjust in the home budget.