Tips for Filing your Car Insurance Claim

Remembering finer details of procedure immediately after an automobile accident can sometimes be difficult. For this reason the tip for filing a car insurance claim is to remove oneself from danger if possible and depending on what type of injury if any has been sustained. If one has been seriously injured ask or wait for help and allow the police to make records of the event. If one is able to assess and handle the situation several steps can be taken in filing a car insurance claim correctly. The tips in this article are designed to facilitate efficient and effective claim(s) reporting and redemption for accidents in which the involved parties are not incapacitated by injury.

Document the Event:

Documentation is very important because insurance claims have the capacity to be legalistic. At the very minimum insurance, name and vehicle information for all parties involved should be attained. Otherwise the insurance company has very little evidence to file a successful claim. Other useful documentation includes cell phone, digital camera or traditional camera photographs of the vehicles, and vehicle points of collision in the original positions immediately after the accident occurred.

Call the Police and/or File a Police Report:

Depending on the severity of the accident the police may or many not be required to show up to the scene. If they are unable to be present at the scene the next best thing to do is go to the police station as soon as possible and file a police report. The police report will most likely require a written description of the event, multiple vehicle information, and personal information of all parties. Police reports add weight to the event and potentially give the insurance company legal recourse to the event.

Find Witnesses:

Eye-witnesses may be useful in the case of personal injury claims and/or law suits. Witnesses can be summoned to court to testify regarding the event and thereby could be of assistance in verifying details and events if they accurately report the event.

Call the Insurance Company:

The insurance company should also be called as soon as possible. If they are called on scene they should be able to ask important information related to the event, passengers in the vehicle and the extent of the damage. The insurance company may also be able to facilitate towing services and other arrangements regarding the accident. The company may or may not want to immediately send an inspector to the event right away. Sometimes they just wait for the damage assessment directly from the auto repair facility.

Visit a Doctor:

If there is any reason to visit a doctor in relation to an automobile a doctor can verify, document and treat the injury. Doctor’s and/or urgent care facility records may also be of use to the insurance company and provide evidence that may be legally tied to the accident. Also, if paramedics were required at the scene of the accident, a written report or documentation from the emergency medical services provider including time of arrival and treatment is useful to obtain.

Filing car insurance claims doesn’t always have to be a terrible experience. The type of accident will likely determine how much will be involved in terms of paperwork, time, reporting etc. If one has a reliable and helpful insurance company they should be of great assistance in recouping damage expenses related to a vehicle and/or personal injury costs. Utilizing the above tips can assist not only in efficiently obtaining one’s insurance claim, but also helps to ensure one will get all the amount of claim due and in as soon a time as possible.