Tips for Lowering your Electric Bill

It may seem like no matter what you do, the electric bill is higher each month than the last. There are some tips, that if used consistently, will help lower that sky high electric bill.

*Turn it off. It does not matter what it is, if it is not currently in use, turn it off. This means when you leave a room, turn off the light. When you are done using the computer, shut it off. Many computers have standby mode, this means the computer is actually still on, but not in use. Standby mode still uses electricity for that neat little light that lets you know the computer is “sleeping”. This might sound silly, however, if you think about that little light being on for hours and hours at a time it still adds up on your electric bill. Try not to use lights while the sun is up, open blinds or curtains and let natural light brighten rooms. If no one is watching the television, turn it off. The same for game systems, stereos and other appliances.

*Unplug it. If something is not being used for days at a time, unplug it. Examples include: toasters, coffee makers, hair dryers/curling irons, and power tools. The reason for unplugging these items when they go used for days is that most of them have some sort of indicator letting you know they are on/functioning. Some coffee makers have clocks, for example, that stay on even when the coffee maker is not in use. Power tools have lights that show whether the unit is charged and ready for use.

*Check windows and doors for leaks. A lot of warm/cool air can be lost through cracks in door frames and around windows. This can cause a hike in your electric bill during winter and summer when heaters or air conditioners are in use. Many times, simple weather stripping can seal most cracks in these areas. Another tip regarding doors/windows: keep them closed when heaters or air conditioners are on.

*Energy saver settings. This is a setting offered on newer appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers. This setting can also be found on some washer and dryer sets. When you purchase these and other items like hot water heaters, look for the energy saver guide. These guides give you a general breakdown of how much you can save a year by using certain settings for that appliance. Another tip regarding regarding refrigerators: do not stand in front of a refrigerator with the door open for extended amounts of time. The reason for this it makes the light come on, plus it makes the fan/motor work that much harder to keep the interior cold. This will make your electric bill go up.

When it comes to a high electric bill, cutting back on the little things can really make a difference. Turn things off that are not in current use, use energy saving settings and check all windows and doors for air leaks.