Tips for Lowering your Electric Bill

Your electric bill is too high each month so now you decide to change the way you live within your home. You take a good look at the situation and you discover that your appliances use a great deal of electricity. You must determine which appliances are costing you the most money. Is it your electric range? Is it your refrigerator? Is it your washer and/or dryer? Is it your dish washer? Is it your cooling system and/or heating system?

Well, you decide to take a meter reading each day to determine how much electricity you used the prior day. At what times of the year is your electric bill the highest? Is it high during the summer or is it higher during the winter? It is also possible that your bill is just about the same all of the time.

Something is wrong somewhere. The ground wire that is connected to your electric meter might be loose, causing your meter to spin around like a top. The end result is that you are paying for electricity that you did not use. The solution to that problem is for you to call the electricity utility company and ask them to test the meter for shorts in the wires and determine if the ground wire is properly connected. If that is the problem you might be able to get a refund for the overcharges of past months.

If you have old electric appliances, including an old television and other electronic equipment that you use regularly here is a way to save on your electric cost. Replace such old appliances and/or electronic equipment with energy efficient ones. Some appliances use a certain amount of electricity even when they are turned off. The solution here is to get surge protectors and plug those appliances into it. You turn off all of your appliances when you stop the electric flow by keeping the surge protector turned off when the appliance is not in use. Another way is to unplug the appliance when it is not in use.

Your home air-conditioner and heating equipment might be working overtime because your home is not properly insulated. The cool air escapes, as well as the hot air that heats the interior of your home. Then again, you do want to waste the energy that you pay for so you must turn the lights off within the rooms that you are not in. So too, before you go to bed you can lower the temperature of your home when you are sleeping and also during the day when you not home and at work. The same is true for the use of air-conditioning. 

The point here is that you have to spend some money in order to save some money at a future date. So, it is now time to determine how much money you can save in the long term and doing so you can easily determine how much money you will spend to accomplish that goal.