Tips for Mall Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday can be a wonderful day to save a lot of money on gifts for the holidays and for yourself.  There are certain things you can do to make shopping at the mall easier on this jam-packed day.  Consider the following strategies.

Get there early

It can be much easier if you get the mall early on Black Friday.  A lot of times the malls get very crowded as the day goes on, but it might be more manageable at the beginning.  Also, you may get some morning only specials. Some items may also go out of stock later in the day.

Look at the ads before you go to the mall

You may want to look at the Black Friday advertisements for the mall stores before you actually go to the mall.  You can see the products that you might be interested in.  You want to be aware of any limited time specials so you can plan for your trip.  You should circle the products that you want, and try to figure out where they are in the mall.  Also, sometimes the mall themselves will have specials.  For instance, the Pembroke Lakes mall in Pembroke Pines, Florida, will often give out mall gift cards if you spend a certain amount of money at the mall. 

Give yourself plenty of time

Shopping at the mall may take much longer than normal.  There are often long lines and you may have to wait for someone to serve you.  Give yourself a lot of time to shop.

Plan how you are going to conduct your trip

You may want to plan which stores you are going to go to first.  Some stores may have deals that expire sooner and you may want to go to them first.  Also, some stores may have items that will go out of stock quicker so those might be on your priority list as well. 

Think about where you are going to park

Parking at the mall on Black Friday can be very difficult.  Think about this in advance so that you have a plan of attack so to speak.  Think about where there might be more spaces and where it will be more convenient.

When you go to the mall on Black Friday, expect large crowds.  Try to be patient and think of it as an event in itself.  This might help you have a successful shopping experience.