Tips for Packing a Work Lunch

The average person spends a lot of money between buying their morning coffee, lunch out and that mid-afternoon snack from the vending machine. Let’s face it- you are at your job for an average of 8 hours a day and you get hungry! Packing a lunch that you make at home saves money. Here are some ideas on what to pack for a work lunch.


Last night’s dinner may not be enough for the whole family but it makes for a great lunch at work. Cheaper and more nutritious than a frozen meal, it helps to save money while providing you with a good meal.

Mid-afternoon munchies

Many people get hungry mid-day and instead of hitting up the vending machine for a bag of chips or a candy bar, pack a small container of fresh veggies or fruit to munch on. Even some cubed cheese and a sandwich bag of crackers can help the mid-afternoon munchies disappear.

Breakfast on the go

No time for breakfast in the morning? Grab a yogurt and a sandwich bag of granola. If you purchase a large size vanilla yogurt and portion it off into smaller containers you can save even more money. We pay for convenience and splitting up a large size container into smaller ones does not take much time but the savings are huge!


Many workplaces have microwaves and kitchens for their employees. Invest in a quality bag to hold your lunch and if there is no refrigeration available many lunch kits have packs that can keep your food cold. Adjust what you bring for lunch according to the accomodations available for reheating and storing your work lunch.

Healthier lifestyle

If you have been looking to lose weight or start eating healthier, bring a work lunch can help a lot. Purchasing lunch daily often means that you are overeating, eating unhealthy foods or sometimes skipping lunch all together. Packing a work lunch can help to keep you eating regularly and healthy.

If you are concerned about having the time to prepare a work lunch you need to get into the habit of making your lunch before you go to bed at night. It only takes a few minutes to get a few things together. In the morning rush all you need to do is grab it and go. You will be prepared for the day and will work better having had a good, healthy lunch.