Tips for Saving Money on Disney Apparel

You can spend a lot of money on Disney apparel.  A lot of this will depend on where and when you buy it.  Many people have children that love the Disney characters, and you might have to buy some no matter what you have to spend.  However, there are many ways that you can save money on Disney apparel.  The following are some techniques you might want to try.

Wait for sales

Many stores that sell Disney apparel have sales.  You will see this on apparel at all sorts of places, from the Disney stores to the regular mainstream stores.  These can often be significant.

Wait for clearance

Clearance can be incredible.  There are many stores that have a lot of clearance.  The Disney Store, which is in many malls, has a lot of clearance.  They will sell items for a fraction of the price that they originally were.  Sometimes they have additional discounts on top of the clearance.

Look for volume discounts

A lot of the apparel at the Disney store has a volume discount.  You may save per item if you buy several of the same item.  

Look on the Internet

The Internet can be a wonderful source for Disney apparel.  They have many different places on the Internet where they sell such apparel.  The Disney store has an official site, and you can easily search through other websites as well.  You can also buy items at places like the auction website where you can often save a lot of money. 

Try an outlet

There are different outlet stores that have Disney products.  They have specific Disney outlets at some malls such as Sawgrass Mills Mall in Florida.  Also, if you are in Orlando or another area by the Disney theme parks, you will find many stores that have Disney products.  A lot of times these will be the exact same products, just they have been discontinued or the stores have moved on to new products.

Look at a discount store

There are many discount stores that carry Disney products as well, such as Wal-Mart.  You can often get something very nice for much less.

When looking to save on Disney apparel, you can combine the above tips.  For instance, you can go to the Disney store online and then look for the clearance section there.  The Disney outlet also has a website, where you can save a lot of money.  Try as many of the above tips as you can when you are looking to save money on such items.