Tips for Scoring the best Deals when Outlet Shopping

With the prices of many items continuing to increase many people are looking for ways to make their money go further.  One way to save money on items may be to check out outlet stores.  Many retailers have outlet stores that have items for lower prices than found in their retail stores. 

Check for coupons

Some retailers may have coupons available that can be used in addition to the reduced prices at outlet stores.  You may be able to find coupons by checking out the website for the outlet center.  Two of the websites that serve multiple outlets are and to print out savings offers for favorite stores.

Phone it in

In some cases, if you know the item’s style name or number of the item you are looking for you may be able to order it over the phone.  If they do have the item you would be able to purchase it over the phone with your credit card and save on gas expenses and travel time.  This is also a good idea if you purchase an item in the store and find that you want to purchase more of the same item.

Check for “Damaged” Items

Some stores may have items reduced additionally and marked damaged, but actually there is nothing wrong with them.  They may have lower prices for reasons such as returned items, missing or damaged packaging or dirt/marks that can easily be removed.  Another item that items end up at outlet stores is that they were labeled wrong but there is nothing wrong with the quality of the item.

When shopping at outlet stores keep the prices in mind.  Just because they are at the outlet store it may not be the lowest price available.  Many outlet centers consist of many stores which may take you quite a while to go through if you plan to visit a majority of them.  You need to consider the time you are spending and the travel expenses when you are figuring the amount you are saving shopping at outlet stores.  If you are only looking for a few specific items it may be better to look for them on sale at your local stores instead of traveling to an outlet center.  If possible, try to visit outlet stores on weekdays, since they are much busier on weekends.

Outlet stores can be a good way to save money but you need to take a few things into consideration to see if you are actually saving a lot of money.