Tips on Couponing

     One of the most efficient ways to cut back on your grocery budget is couponing. If you put some time into it you can be couponing like a pro in no time. Now one of the biggest questions that I have come across is where to find the coupons.

     Now the most obvious place is the Sunday paper, but there are more out there you just have to know where to look. Another place that I have found coupons is online both on select websites and on certain auction websites. Another place is in your local grocery store there are some stores that have coupons that can only be used in there stores. A lot of the time you can catch really good deals using these coupons. Another good way to find coupon’s is to find a local coupon group at these type of groups you can swap coupons with other members of the group.

     The first step that I usually take once I get coupons is to look at the weekly ads so that I can get an idea of what is on sale at each store. Then I sort my coupons so that I know which coupons I am taking to each store. By using this method I have received a lot of items at a big discount and sometimes even for free. The next step that I take is that I make out a grocery list of the items that I need. That way I know exactly which coupons to take with me, it also helps to keep me from buying items that I do not need.

     By following these steps you will be surprised by how much you can cut down your grocery budget. A friend of mine started following these simple steps and now on average she will go to the store and pick up two hundred to three hundred dollars worth of groceries. At the end of her shopping trip by the time they deducted her coupons she ended up paying forty five dollars for her groceries.

     I know for me with the way that the economy is I have to save every penny that I can, and this method has really helped me to save money. With the money that I have saved I have been able to put that money towards other bills and save a little for a rainy day.