Tips on how to get event tickets for less

It often seems as though there are more events you want to see than there are dollars in your pocket. Ticket affordability is an issue for more and more people. Wages seem to be falling, yet event ticket prices keep rising. However, there are ways to get event tickets for less.

Buy your ticket at the last minute

Unless you want to see a show on a specific night, then being flexible in your plans can get you half price tickets. If tickets remain unsold after a performance, then they have no value. Therefore, most theatres sell any remaining tickets at half price a short time before a performance starts.

A good example of this practice is the Theatre Development Fund ticket booths in New York City. Here you can buy half-price tickets for Broadway shows on the day of the performance. You just go to the booth in Times Square and check out the board to see what’s available.   

Volunteer as a steward

The cost of attending a music festival can put a big hole in your wallet. There are usually volunteering opportunities if you apply early enough. These are sometimes for jobs like litter-picking or stewarding. In return for free labor, you will be able to attend concerts for a reduced price or even for free.

An example of a festival organizer that works with volunteers in this way is the Aura Music and Arts Festival circuit in the Southeast United States. In return for fifteen hours work, volunteer get free entry and basic camping tickets.

In the U.K., V-Inspired is an organization that coordinates volunteering opportunities across all the major music festivals. The vacancies offered vary each year, but they normally include such things as stewarding, marketing and administration. The number of hours you need to commit to varies between the roles, but usually a minimum of twelve hours is required in exchange for free entry and camping facilities.       

Concessionary tickets

Often events have reduced ticket prices if you fall into a particular category. So if you are a student, in receipt of any social security benefits or of pensionable age, then don’t be afraid to ask for a concession. The old adage “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” may work for you in this situation.

Check out eBay and other auction sites

If none of the above cheap deals fit your situation, then you may just get lucky and be able to source unwanted event tickets online at a bargain price. It’s always worth checking out eBay and other auction sites. As the date of an event comes closer, people are willing to get rid of their surplus tickets for less and less.

If you’re in the market for cheap ways to attend an event, then one of these tactics should work for you. It’s a good feeling to be able to see the concert or event of your choice and know that you’ve saved money too.