Tips to Enjoy Summer Vacation without Blowing the Holiday Budget

Given the high prices of food and fuel and the poor economy that all of us must live through, spending for exotic summer vacation is a thing of the past. Generations ago, few people had the luxury of hopping a plane to an exotic destination where they could vacation first class without much concern for the budget. Much has changed since then.

With the average family looking at single income living and with heavy mortgages to pay, few can salt away any money for an overseas trip. Now that the summer of 2012 has passed, the average family looking ahead for summer fun in 2013 has to take a different strategy and yet still enjoy some hot summer days by the beach.

Some have discovered that overseas trips are not the stress-free events they look forward to. The preparation, packing and endless lines at the airport make them realize that having just as much fun can happen at home than at Acapulco.

Staycations have become in vogue due to today’s poor economic conditions. But a staycation does not mean trying to find fun lounging in the backyard with a beer and a barbecue. Many people pack their bags and travel to nearby towns or villages just to savor local cuisine and take in the sights while renting a more expensive room at a Ramada Inn.

Planning a staycation is easier to plan than an overseas trip. Whether you plan to drive by car, take a train or a small plane hop to another part of the nation, planning can be a fun activity for all family members without the stress associated with an overseas destination.

Summer is, of course, a great time to go camping. Pitching up the tent and hiking through the woods can be an exhilarating experience as well as affordable. For those who’d rather not sleep in a tent under the stars, renting an RV for a week or more may bring the family together. Those in great shape can take cycling tours with a group. Those country roads can reveal sights that few people ever see.

Traveling off season is an excellent way to enjoy a vacation without having to deal with the maddening crowds flocking to popular tourist spots. You can find some out-of-the-way low fare spots simply by doing an online search. Special rates are more abundant late summer to early fall. 

Every airline experiences those who cancel flights at the last minute or fail to show up at all. Those no-shows can mean cheap seats although you’ll need to be prepared, ready to board at the last minute. One cheap way to travel by air is to become a courier for a business that needs someone to accompany their parcels to a destination to make sure they are delivered. Often, these flights are paid by the business, the papers all prepared in advance. Once you arrive at the destination, you hand over the necessary papers and you are free to go sightseeing before you return home. 

Touring can be expensive wherever you go. When you’re at a distant locale, you can travel off the beaten path to see how the common man and woman lives. Instead of taking a bus or taxi, going on foot gives you plenty of exercise while you enjoy the sights. 

Wherever you may be, you are likely to overspend your vacation budget than you anticipate. It’s difficult to stay within a set budget, but you can enjoy your holidays without spending money for every keepsake that soon stays forgotten in a drawer at home. 

Once you get the technique to spending less, you may discover you have far more available cash to take a second vacation. That adds up to even more fun for the entire family.