Tips to Find Insurance on the Internet

Savvy consumers are now turning to the Internet to find the lowest insurance premiums.  Some tips on what to look for and how to find that information are listed below.

The Internet is a great place to research companies.

You can find out many things about various companies by checking out the following website.  It has information on most standard companies, including what types of insurance they sell, what states they are available in and an agent locator. There is also a section where companies have been rated by customers in various categories.  If you want a quote, there is a quote area. There is even a data base with the insurance laws for each state.

 Make sure that the companies you consider are financially sound.

Before choosing the companies you wish to get quotes from also look on line for their A  M  Best ranking.  This is a company who rates insurance companies on their financial stability which directly impacts their ability to pay claims.  You can check out individual companies on this site.

Most companies have websites Once you choose the companies you feel comfortable with, free has links to sites for many of the companies or you can find the company sites simply by searching for the company name. Many have quoting forms on their sites where you can get an immediate quote. Have your current insurance policy available. Besides your personal information like name,address, phone number ,and the year make and model of your car, you will need to know the current coverages you have on your existing policy as well as deductibles. If you do not have your current policy information you will not be able to accurately compare rates.

 Have turned in any claims in the past 3 years?

All insurance companies, whether they quote you on line or over the phone or in person will ask you what if any claims you have had in the past 3  to 5 years. They may also want to know the dollar amount of the claim. Have you had a traffic violation in the last 3 years? All companies will ask this question. Your insurability and rate will depend on what kind of violations you have incurred and and how many you  have had in the past three years. 

The internet is a great way to find the lowest rates. But make sure that you also find the best company. A cheap rate with a company who has poor customer service and is slow or not good about paying claims is not really a bargain. The other thing to remember is that the best rates go to the best customers. If you have a poor credit rate, multiple claims and traffic violations you will not get the cheapest rate because you are considered a poor risk to the company. So to get the best rates, do your homework about the companies, make sure you have your information ready and if you are a good risk, you will find great rates and a great company.