Tips to help be Aware of ATM Mistakes

ATM’s, or automated teller machines, are located everywhere today, and are used by millions of customers on a daily basis. Depending on the brand their rates of reliability is between 98-99 percent accurate. 

ATM mistakes rarely happen according to certain leading makers of ATMs. Although no specific number is given for how often these mistakes do happen to their machines. In another unspecified report from an ATM service company, out of 500 employees using a certain company debit card, 2-3 mistakes a week were typical.

Mistakes that can happen include dispensing too little or too much money, not correctly counting a deposit or adding it to the wrong account, failing to give the customer a receipt, or failing to return a debit or credit card. Many mistakes are due to human error through the ATM service provider’s failure to properly maintain or clean the ATM.

Precautions that you can do to minimize the chance of mistakes include these simple steps.

Try to use only machines from your main banking institution. This will not only lessen any ATM fees associated with using other ATMs, but it will also make it easier to correct any errors that might have occurred. According to experts associated with ATM’s usage, it is best to always count the cash twice before inserting it into an ATM for deposit. Make sure to always count the cash that is dispensed by the ATM, if possible do so while still in front of the ATM’s security camera. This video recording can make correcting an error easier to determine.

Always get and check your receipt to verify all information as being correct. One common error that occurs will not allow a withdrawal, while still deducting the requested amount. Always keep and check these receipts, even if the withdrawal isn’t allowed to happen. Important information from on the receipt will be required for correcting the mistake. The transaction time and date, and the machine identifier are all pertinent information. If a receipt is not given, make notes of these items of information.

If there is a mistake with your bank’s ATM, contact your bank immediately to correct this banking error. Get the name of the ATM service provider with their correct phone number from the front of the ATM. Call them immediately to start the process of recording and correcting the error. Make sure to inquire what information will be required for correcting the mistake; such as the exact location of the ATM, any numbers from off of the ATM, as well as the numbers of the transaction receipt. Always take notes of anyone that you speak to for later use or confirmation.

Recently, many mistakes reported have involved dispensing large sums of money to account holders with no money, or to persons with no accounts at all. To avoid criminal charges for defrauding a banking device these should be reported as well.