Tips to help Seniors Cut the High Cost of Auto Insurance

Senior citizens often live on a fixed income and struggle with paying necessary expenses. One of the necessary expenses they may struggle to pay is the high cost of auto insurance. Seniors may not be aware that there are several ways that they can quickly and permanently lower their auto insurance costs.

Seniors must be educated about auto insurance

As in some other areas of life, seniors may be taken advantage of by unscrupulous auto insurance agents. Agents may come on very strongly, selling seniors auto insurance that do not meet their needs, and at a higher cost. Unsuspecting seniors trust auto insurance agents and others who are able to sell them just about anything.

Seniors often have little to no knowledge of computers, or do not have one in their home, so may not have the ability to research information about auto insurance companies and policies online like the majority of us do. Many individuals with senior loved ones, friends and neighbors, as well as the media, take on the responsibility of educating seniors about people trying to take advantage of them. Seniors should be educated on how to shop for auto insurance, which for seniors, can result in significant savings.

When educating seniors on tips to cut the high costs of auto insurance, it is a good idea to write the information down for them. Do this not only because some seniors may have memory issues, but it will give the senior the opportunity to review the information later on their own, thereby enabling them to make a more informed decision in their effort to save money on auto insurance.

Seniors shopping for auto insurance must be knowledgeable about advertisement claims

Auto insurance companies advertise so frequently that you can practically quote the commercials word-for-word. Seniors often spend a great deal of time watching television and may be more easily influenced by auto insurance commercials than other people. Seniors may not realize that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” While commercials claim one auto insurance company offers big savings above what other auto insurance companies offer, they may not be telling the whole story. That savings may be for certain policies that the senior citizen has no need for, and the savings stated on the commercials may be inflated.

Seniors must be educated in the differences between the types of auto insurance plans

Senior citizens may be talked into purchasing auto insurance plans that do not suit their needs, and that may fail to protect them in some circumstances. Seniors want to spend as little as possible, but when it comes to auto insurance this may not be a good idea. The immediate savings they think they are getting may cost them significantly in the long-run. While most seniors are great drivers, some may accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, did not see the stop sign, or who could not react quickly enough to avoid an at-fault driver who plowed into them. Therefore, for senior citizens, it is probably best to purchase full coverage auto insurance rather than state-required minimum to ensure that they will be fully covered and at a greater amount.

Knowing other important tips can save seniors money on auto insurance costs

Seniors may think that at their age, they cannot get auto insurance. This is, of course, not true. Since state laws require auto insurance, seniors must purchase auto insurance and if driving uninsured, must purchase auto insurance expeditiously. Seniors are responsible for obeying all laws regarding auto insurance and will face the same legal consequences as any other person if caught driving uninsured and particularly if driving uninsured in the event an auto accident occurs. Purchasing and maintaining auto insurance is a tremendous savings over the consequences of driving uninsured.

Shopping around for automobile insurance can offer significant savings to seniors. As 4autoinsurancequote explains, “senior citizens are naturally going to want to pick up the phone and call their local auto insurance agent, no matter what company he is with.” This can result in paying much more than they would pay if purchasing auto insurance with another company. If seniors have computer knowledge, they should be taught how to go online and get multiple auto insurance quotes in just a few seconds, which will serve their auto insurance needs. If they do not have a computer in their home, a loved one can demonstrate how it is done and then show the senior the comparison quotes so they can see the savings one auto insurance company may offer over others. Actually seeing the numbers can help the senior to better understand them.

It is imperative that seniors know that there are savings on auto insurance policies specifically for senior citizens. Senior citizens are unlikely to be aware that they are eligible for significant auto insurance savings specifically because of the age group they belong to. The American Association of Retired People (AARP) is an organization that most seniors are familiar with and that many seniors are a member of. AARP offers savings on auto insurance for seniors aged 55 and older, as may other senior groups. Seniors who frequent their local senior citizens center may find resources there that have information on companies that provide auto insurance discounts to seniors.

Senior citizens are usually very safe drivers and their excellent driving record qualifies seniors for auto insurance policy discounts. says that “because mature drivers are the most experienced, they are also the safest drivers on the road.” Seniors may not be aware that in addition to fewer accidents, discounts are also given for not having a traffic ticket in a designated number of years.

Taking a refresher driving course can save seniors money on their auto insurance according to, as will installation of safety devices on their automobile.

Many seniors have had the same type insurance policy with the same auto insurance company for years or even decades. Revisiting the auto insurance policy terms is an excellent way for seniors to potentially save money on auto insurance premiums. Over the years the needs of the senior has most likely changed. Seniors are usually not driving as often or as far as when they were working. This alone can offer savings on auto insurance premiums.

Auto insurance discounts are available to knowledgeable seniors

Senior citizens often shop for bargains at their favorite department store or supermarket, but not auto insurance companies. If seniors are aware that there are multiple auto insurance discounts available to them then they can successfully shop auto insurance companies for the best policy, with the best terms and the best price, often at significant savings over what they are paying now.