Tips to keep your Energy Bills under Control

In the current economic climate, every bit counts; and it’s the same for the current environmental climate, too. We want to reduce our impact on the environment, as well as the financial impact on our everyday lives. It can be done with a few simple ideas.

Firstly, walk instead of drive. Too many people drive to the local store or post office instead of walking.

Reducing the need for expensive heating and cooling devices is one of the best ways to reduce our energy bills. Putting curtains with attractive pelmets above your windows can reduce the loss of heat from devices such as gas heaters, while it can reduce the heat coming in from the sun during summer. Try heating only the family rooms, and you’ll not only save power but you’ll also increase family time! Program your air conditioner to turn off every few minutes and you’ll save a lot of money and energy too. Having a programmable thermostat can save you energy and money.

Do a quick check of your lights to ensure you’re using energy-saving bulbs, and then see which electronic devices can be turned off. Avoid electric clocks and go with old fashioned wind-ups instead. In the kitchen, keep your refrigerator moderately full so it does not have to constantly adjust the temperature. Don’t keep opening the oven door which will result in a loss of heat, and try using a microwave instead in order to save power. Turn off the burners a little early on your cooktop so that your meal can be cooked with the residual heat instead.

In the laundry, try hanging out the washing rather than using a dryer, or at least using the dryer’s sensory to tell you when it’s done rather than over-drying. Do a few large loads of washing instead of a number of small ones. And choose a reduced cycle when possible. Front-loading machines save a lot more water, and use a lot less powder, too.

Hot water heating can take up to twenty percent of your bill. Try using solar hot water instead, which is free and environmentally friendly. Or you can use a hot water jacket which will insulate the hot water for you, saving you money and energy.

Energy bills aren’t just a waste of money, but also a waste on the environment. By doing a few simple changes, you can really make a difference to your pocket and to the world. Think about making a difference today.