Tips to keep your Energy Bills under Control

Being Green

Everyone almost everywhere has heard the usual tips on saving energy since childhood. Words like “close the refrigerator door, turn off that light, close the door we aren’t cooling / heating the entire neighborhood” still echo in my head.

Amazingly, mom and dad were right in their admonishments. We did save energy that way and we still do today!
However, with the thought of Global Warming over our heads constantly more and more people want to take a pro-active stance to conserve energy.
People are installing Solar Panels, making Windmills to help with their electricity, and gathering the rain water to use in their gardens and yards.
This isn’t rocket science but it is a necessity in our world if we want to leave something here for our children, like the planet!

Besides the few earlier mentioned ways to conserve energy here are a few mom and dad never told me.

1. Fix those dripping faucets and running toilets (20% of all toilets leak!)
2. Change your furnace filter monthly air flows better when it doesn’t have to go through dirt!
3. use cold water when washing clothes (yes they have cold water detergents and yes they work!)
4. Do full loads when washing clothes or dishes.
5. Shut off the water when brushing your teeth. Wet the brush, add toothpaste, brush, rinse!
6. Wash you cars at a car wash that recycles the water!Costs less that you doing it at home.
7. Use curtains in place of blinds as curtains act as insulators keeping heat in during winter
months and cold in during the summer!
8. Buy and use a water saver shower head!Yes they have some that feel just like it does when you waste water with the regular shower head but these save it!
8a. Take shorter showers water in the shower uses between 5 -10 Gallons a minute~
9. Use a container to catch rain water and use that to water your plants!
9a. Did you know that one inch of rain on 1,000 square foot roof can produce up to 600 gallons of water?
10. Use energy saver light bulbs in place of regular light bulbs.
11. Recycle and re use things that can be saved like glass, most metals, plastics and paper.
Call your local recycling center and ask what they take!
12. Carpool people Carpool!

It’s never too late!

OH yes, I almost forgot, Turn you computer off when finished for the day!

Happy Savings