Tips to Reducing Clothing Costs

Clothing costs can end up taking a large part of your budget.  There are some easy tips to reduce your clothing costs.

It may seem to cost more to purchase higher quality items but it may be worth the extra cost if they will last longer.  It may cost you more in the long run purchasing less expensive items if you need to replace them more often.  Purchase items that you are likely to use many times.  It is important to consider the overall cost per use of an item.  The price may seem high, but if you intend to wear it many times it will not be as much.

Purchase classic items such as jackets and slacks in solid colors such as brown, gray, blue and black.  They can be spruced up by changing the color of blouses and shirts or accessories.  By purchasing classic styles, you will be able to wear the items for more years than if you purchase items that follow a current fad and may be out of style rather quickly.

You may be able to score great deals on items at the end of each season.  Many stores reduce prices drastically at the end of the season to make room for new inventory.  If you find items on sale that you can see yourself wearing next year, it may be a great time to pick up some items for a fraction of the price.

Many consignment and resale stores have items that are new, or nearly new, for a fraction of the price in other retail stores.  Some people are adverse to purchasing used items, but many times you can find pieces that still have the original price tags on them.  Some retailers donate items to second hand stores when they are reducing their inventory.  This is also a great way to save on items such as formal dresses that may have only been worn once or twice and you only intend to wear a time or two. 

Another way to update your wardrobe without spending any money is by participating in a clothing swap.  A small group gets together and each brings a few items of clothing, handbags, accessories that they no longer wear.  Each person gets a chance to pick items that they like.  At the end of the swap, leftover items can be donated.  The items may be either pieces that they are tired of wearing or pieces they purchased and decided they didn’t like it after getting it home.

There are some tips to reduce your clothing costs to help with your budget.