Tips to Save Money on Funeral Expenses

The death of a loved one can be such a sad and trying time that no one wants to think about planning for. Not only do most people not want to think about themselves or a loved one passing, they certainly don’t want to think about finances during a time of grief.  Funerals are expensive, plain and simple. Even the simplest and plainest can be very pricy.  Proper planning can save a lot of money and chaos during the family’s grieving time, even if no one wants to think about doing so.   No one wants to worry about planning and money after the death has occurred either.  Planning ahead, although thinking about it is unpleasant, it the best way to get through the financial aspects of a death.  Here are some tips on saving on funeral expense:

1.  Plan Ahead-Don’t wait until a death occurs.  Most funeral homes have a plan ahead program.  Prices are generally fixed from the time the funeral is planned.  They usually offer discounts for plan ahead funerals as well.  Also, doing this ahead of time, saves grieving loved ones from having to do it after the death.  Hence, lowering post-death stress.  Burial plots are also cheaper when they are bought ahead of time.

2.  Insurance- Purchase life insurance early to save money now.  If you start paying on it earlier in life it is cheaper.  Hence, saving potentially thousands of dollars in the long run.  Also, leaving copies of the policies with your choice funeral home will make planning easier in the long run as well.

3.  Veteran’s Discounts-The Veteran’s Administration usually pays a portion of funeral expenses for veteran’s.  They also usually pay for a footstone.  This can save the family quite a bit of money.

4.  Flowers and Arrangements-You don’t need a ton of flowers to show your love.  Go easy on them, you can save a fortune.  Most funeral homes will have lots of flowers for decoration anyway.  Also, family and friends generally send many flowers as well.

5.  Embalming-Embalming isn’t mandatory.  If you are not being shipped across the country for burial, it really isn’t necessary.  It is a matter of preference.  This is usually negotiable with the funeral home.  Not embalming can save a considerable amount of money.

6. Wills and Future Wishes of the Deceased-Have wills and future wishes known before death.  It will save stress on the family if they know what is coming after death.  Knowing arrangements and who gets what is also less stressful during this sorrowful time.

It can be unbearable to think about a family member’s death.  However, death can not only be stressful, it can be expensive.  Planning ahead is the best bet for things to run smoothly and save money as well.  Saving money won’t bring them back, but that money can be allocated for other expenses such as bills and other expenses left behind.  If spouses and children are left behind, the money saved will be well appreciated.  It is stressful enough to deal with a death without having to deal with the financial problems that could be avoided that can come with it.