Tobacco and Banning Things that really Hurt

July 25 2007

What Is Killing Us and Why?
The issue of Banning Cigarette Smoking.

This Article Is in response to a “No Smoking Law ” passed in Maryland. Our constitutional right of choosing what and where to smoke.
Almost every restaurant, bar and other recreational areas are now banned from Smoking. How about banning some more Important Issues! I am not defending smoking. but questioning our priorities.

What is Killing Us and Why?

I have picked this particular topic because of the great controversy it presents.
SMOKING, I admit that it is a dirty smelling, offensive and affects others in a negative way. But let us think of all the other things in life that are in the same category, banned by the government, country or state, I feel is against our constitutional rights.
We spend millions to send our men off to be killed, Does that not affect the lives of-others. My favorite pep peeve.
What about all the money our states make in funding experiments to see what medicines and how fast they will kill or cure us. Have you ever read some of the side affects that sometimes you wonder if it is really better to be without it.

Same race. Same medical answers from Doctors when you have spent a lifetime of money buying medicines you cannot afford .only to be told 10 years later, your children will be autistic. Or “Medical Science is not a perfect science.” A real catch 22 situation.
Does anyone remember the horrible Thalidomide incident? So many babies born without extremities Eyes. Ears. Where are these Did someone put them in some leper colony, Or did they all die before age of 21. Yet the government spends billions of dollars to keep us safe and secure. All citizens have the right to be in any atmosphere that is safe from horrible chemicals and botched filthy air. We poisoned the earth, not from cigarette smoke. but by companies and corporations that continue to break the law and pour, puff and dispel anything they can get away with. into our oceans and atmosphere. They poison the fish we eat , the dirt we grow food in, and the air that we breathe..
Neighborhoods that were built on properties that don’t offer secure and safe places to live,

Dogs dying in Kennels for the the Canine Police due to something, Who Knows What! Kennels built on landfills growing cancer in these loving creatures for all their service and protection.
Does anyone know how much alcohol plays in peoples lives? It is offensive, dirty, distorts behavior and can evoke violent behavior. This is one of the main causes of road deaths.
Yet Money Men pay any price to get their liquor license, even to the point of promising some Political puppet who wants good contributions at voting time. no one really counts dead people when they ring that register of the potent mind altering substance. They just ring up greenbacks.

Ban Alcohol! Everyone would say we are back to the days of prohibition.
Big Business Daddies would pay off to get what they want.
Are we going to kill the Tobacco Industry. and boost the alcohol and Medication usage. We are subjected to so many outside influences of chemicals. Smokes,and poison in the air If someone wants to be in a smokeless environment, there are a million restaurants of all varieties to pick their own choice of where to go.
It is so easy to dictate where and when you smoke. I will not argue that point. but even marijuana, has been tested on cancer patients. Aids, Attention deficit, and Alzheimer patients and proving it has had positive affects.
Anything done in access is always going to give you more negative affects.
Why don’t they legalize medicinal cannabis.

Another fact. Has anyone calculated the amount of weight people gain and how it affects the heart and body when we go from smoking to eating or more drug use? How much of our population is obese and getting fatter throughout the generations of smokers that quit and forever stuffing their mouths with food to replace their inherited or anxiety ridden created oral fixation. Do we all just go back to biting pencils and maybe even drinking more?. How about taking 10 more pills to heal us ,that we cannot afford and finding out 5 years later, we had a giant heart attack from taking arthritis medicine.

Did you ever think alcohol and corporate overflow of poisonous substances would affect the hormones in the water or food so that our 7 years olds are eating and are reaching puberty and showing signs soon after.
No one should have their eyes or ears closed. Don’t bury your head from problems. They will always come back to haunt you.

So back to Smoking. Why are all the other dangerous substances allowed, and easily purchased. Yet now anything you smoke is now a federal offense. I would like to see War. Banned!
It hurts me! and as quoted on my own Poster.
My Slogan.” I would rather Flicker than pull a Trigger.”

I wish that kid at Virginia Tech could have seen that one before he killed all those innocent kids.
The Ad, on the Radio announces ” There is a big Gun show at the Armory and they have Military Weapons for sale.” at these shows. For just about anyone can buy!This I would scrutinize in our present society.
I would rather SMOKE than think about these Horrible Murderous Weapons that threaten all of our lives. But this is Legal..

I think I am going to apply for a license for Smoking Den. I wonder if that is going to be legalize or how much it might cost me to get a Smoking License which the Country can charge for. Like in other Countries .only here it will cost you double. I would rather die of second hand smoke. than to lose thousands of soldiers in a War we cannot Win, Or at the hands of a Drunken Driver.
Who is going to explain this whole questioning article and tell me Why? I have quit smoking once. and will be trying again for Health sake.
Whose responsibility is it to tell all the corporations and Drug Corporations their costs are too high. and they have people dying of malnutrition.from-the inability to buy proper food. We all know about the risks and costs of life and property that is caused Drunk Driving. I think Police should stand outside every bar and give a breathalyser test to all people that exit the bar.
I would vote for That!