Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs

With the falling of global economy in recent year, personal finance blog is getting more popular these days. People visit personal finance blogs to search for advice to solve their personal finance problem, read other person’s financial success and failure experience, find local store deals and coupons, or simply update recent mortgage rate. Here is list of 10 best personal finance blogs on internet:

1. Consumerist

Consumerist is a very popular personal finance blog published by Consumer Media LLC (a non-profit subsidiary of Consumers Union), focusing itself on recent consumer issues and consumer protection against scams. As a blog operated by a non-profit organization, Consumerist restrict itself from outside advertising to maintain its independence and impartiality.  

2. WiseBread

WiseBread is a personal finance blog supported by community of bloggers who dedicated themselves to help us live large on small budget. WiseBread was created in December 2006 by Killer Aces Media, and has became popular website to seeks financial news, credit card advice, insurance, and other personal finance information. Good place to find tons of articles focusing on personal finance and frugal life.

3. Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom is personal finance blog published by Crystal Paine, based on her personal finance management experience. Money Saving Mom is focusing on how to find great store deals, coupons, freebies, and giveaways to help us live on budget. Money Saving Mom also gives some advices on how to make money online.

4. The Krazy Coupon Lady

This is another personal finance blog focusing on store deals and coupons. Founded by Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, The Krazy Coupon Lady is very popular blog to search for recent store deals and coupons on big merchants.

5. Get Rich Slowly

Need deeper advice on how to get out of debt, making a down payment on a home, saving for college, ensuring retirement, and general finance management? Get Rich Slowly is a award winning personal finance blog founded by J.D. Roth, a regular guy who became an accidental personal finance expert, by his personal experience when he get out of debt that haunted him for years. Get Rich Slowly has been named as the most inspiring money blog by Money magazine.

6. Deal Seeking Mom

Store deals, coupons, freebies, and giveaways are favorable method used by house mother to strength their cash flow. Deal Seeking Mom is a personal finance blog founded by Tara Kuczykowski a former career woman turned to be a house mother, giving information about recent deals, coupons, freebies, and giveaways.

7. Hey It’s Free!

Hey It’s Free! Is a personal finance blog focusing on freebies and giveaways, with some hints of humors on its articles. Nice blog if you’re searching for freebies and need some entertaining humors.

8. The Simple Dollar

In 2006 Trent Hamm went through a financial meltdown that changed his life forever. Being a big spender for his life, Hamm learned how to fix his financial situation, paid his debt, and established an emergency fund. He founded The Simple Dollar in 2006, a personal finance blog based on his financial experience, providing some helps for people who were struggling with same things.

9. Man Vs Debt

In 2009 Adam and Courtney Baker decided to sell everything they owned, pay all their debt, and spend a year traveling abroad. Their amazing journey and how they manage their personal finance during travel inspired Adam Baker to create a personal finance blog named Man Vs Debt. Through Man Vs Debt Adam Baker trying to spread his simple life motto, “sell your crap, pay off your debt, and do what you love”.

10. Moolanomy

Moolanomy’s tagline, “Earn more, spend less, live smarter” tell everything about it. Moolanomy establish itself as personal finance blog online magazine, and provide some articles to help us improve our financial life.