Top 10 Reasons to get a Payday Loan Online

Payday Loans are short term loans offered by Finance/Credit Companies that assist YOU, the consumer, to “bridge” or finance your short term personal cash needs between your paydays.

Firstly, why would you need to get a Payday Loan ?

1) You may need to pay some scheduled payments, like your house rent or car installment, and are short of funds till payday. So to avoid eviction or repossession you would have to pay the landlord or credit company immediately.

2) You may have some emergency expenses that must be paid immediately, for example a medical bill.

3) You need to go outstation for a company assignment but your employer does not give advances for travel, so you would have to pay first and make a claim on return.

4) You may need to pay your credit card company immediately, due to an expenditure charge that has put your credit card over the limit, and non payment would result in your credit card being suspended and your credit score and rating will be affected.

5) You may need to pay a deposit for a long term investment, such as buying a new house, and if not paid immediately you may lose the investment opportunity.

6) You do not want to make a short term loan application from your personal banker as this may raise certain questions about your financial management and have a “black mark” on your credit record with your bank.

7) Almost all banks do not provide Payday or other Short Term Loans and would only provide mid -term and longer term secured credit, for example 2 to 5 years.

Now, why should you apply online ?

8) When applied online, the application can be made anytime of the day 24 hours per day even on holidays and unlike your local banker, which is just around the corner, you may need to travel hundreds of miles to visit the Payday Loan companies to make an application.

9) Applying online is much faster as some Payday Loans companies can process your application within minutes, and approval or rejections are given immediately based on set criteria.

10) Confidentiality is maintained as the application details and purposes are just between you and the Payday Loan company.