Top 10 Reasons to get a Payday Loan Online

On line payday companies are rather short of ten valid reasons for offering their loans, so read on to discover how they promote them, and why some customers use them. The validity of using these loans comes down to no credit check involved; no reporting to a credit bureau; an immediate decision as to eligibility will be given; the cash can be available in a matter of hours; and guaranteed discretion.

Due to competition within the industry it is actually possible to obtain payday loans online without paying the exorbitant costs usually associated with them. With a little searching around online one can find promotional offers to attract new customers which allow the first loan to be fee free – in other words there are no charges at all for the first loan. As long as a borrower can sensibly take just the one loan and not satisfy the companies aim of becoming a regular customer, then this benefit could be applied to anyone needing a loan. The loan of course would be short term and must be repaid on the next payday.

There isn’t much more to say about the advantages so some of the companies have added a few good reasons of their own, which basically shows what they think of their customers. Their reasons include no need for the customer to get dressed, apply in your pajamas. You don’t need to drive your car (that would mean getting dressed), and no one needs see you (in case you’re having a bad hair day presumably).

No matter how trite these reasons appear as the good selling points of payday loans they are nothing in comparison to some of the reasons that pay day loans are utilised. Remember the warnings, pay day loans are an expensive means of borrowing and should only be used  for a financial emergency. However it appears that many consumers have completely different reasons for obtaining a pay day loan.

Here is a list of ten reasons why consumers actually chose to take out a pay day online loan.

1.  To pay back the last payday loan.

2. To go shoe shopping.

 3. To cover a cash shortfall after being falling for an internet scam from Nigeria.

4. To take a trip to Florida.

5. To buy a new couch as the current one does not hold the engaged couple and the dog at the same time, as the dog has got too fat. So the dog needs a new couch.

6. To buy a shovel to move the snow.

7. To get the car repaired as embarrassing flatulent noises were coming from under the hood.

8. To give to the fiancé so he can buy an engagement ring for the person obtaining the loan.

9. To have fun with the slots and tables at Reno and maybe win the loan back.

10.To fix the leak on the refrigerator as the water gets stinky and the cat nearly drowned in it.

Obviously the reason for obtaining pay day loans does not need to be pointed out when consumers like these want to get their hands on cash quickly. It is unlikely that a traditional bank manager would approve a loan for such reasons, and credit is unobtainable any other way. At the end of the day some may take pay day loans for valid reasons, but others will take them just because they are easily available. If you are tempted at least look for one which is fee free and borrow with no costs at all.