Top 10 Tips for Financially Struggling Students

Are you in college? Are you struggling to above water? Well, I have the solutions for you! There are many ways to make it through your college struggles. Surviving financial struggles takes discipline and plan. When you are in financial stress you will want to find ways to creatively enjoy your years in college. Here are my top ten tips to make through tough times.


It is important when you are in college you are extremely resourceful. Shopping online is a good way to offset the cost associated with having a car and having to deal with maintenance. There have many times when you go to the local mall to see what sales they have only to come up empty handed. Resourcefulness is not limited to shopping.


Many students have weaknesses. If you have a talent such writing papers you can make cash quick depending on the size of the campus. Freelancing is good way to earn income because of flexibility. Many students struggle balancing work with school. Freelancing is done on your schedule and you can set your own rate and hours.

Save money in the summer

When working in the summertime make sure to save as much money as possible. Saving money goes along way when you are back in school. Saving money is difference between living on ramen noodles and living a proper diet.

Work during vacations

It’s tempting to want to party during your vacations, but you will thank yourself if you choose work some of those days instead of partying the whole time. Working during vacations you can make double your rate since most companies are willing to pay time and a half or double time.


Plan your shopping excursion carefully. Most people choose neglect the importance of planning. Most college students take things for granted and go with the flow. Planning goes a long way.


Remaining proactive about finding scholarships is a sure way to making sure your tuition the following year is cheaper. When shopping for scholarships do not always go for the home run. Remember every little scholarship counts.


There are investors out there willing to invest in college students. Investors get the best of both of worlds one as doing something good for the community and a tax write off. Going to college for free will have a lot of your peers jealous, be careful.

Party on campus

Most times you do not have to go far for good times. The best parties are the ones which are free. Parties on campus is a good way to get to know people.

Future skills

If you can survive in college chances are you will be able to survive in the real world. Planning college is a good way to build necessary skills for the real world. If your parents are not paying for you to go to school you develop the confidence needed to be completely independent.

Pool your money

If you have a nice kitchen you can pool your money together with other students and have a feast. It is a good way to bond with other students. In order for this to work you must make sure word does not get out.

Participate in campus activities

Campus activities is a good way to relieve stress. Campus activities is a good networking opportunity. You can meet a lot of future employers at campus events.

Financial struggle

Financial struggle is usually a blessing in disguise. When financially struggling make sure to focus on the positive aspect of the struggle. Learning how manage a shoestring budget and still get things you want in life.

There a lot of other tips to deal with financial struggle. Financial struggle and immaturity can be a dangerous combination. You will make it through. Good luck!