Top 5 Socially Responsible Investments

Purchasing a Home (Real Estate):

Purchasing a home (real estate) is a socially responsible investment.  You may be purchasing a home for you, or you and your family to live.  You may be purchasing investment property.  That would be an opportunity to make money over the years.  That is all an excellent, and very socially responsible investment to make.  The money you put into your home is yours, and not your landlord’s.   Homes (real estate) goes up in property over the years.  The investments that you put into your home increases the value of your home.   You can purchase a good place to live.    

Investing in Your Education:

Your education is a socially responsible investment to make.  Your education is very important.  With higher education, many times, comes a better career, higher pay, and a better way of living.  Your life and your family’s life will, many times, be improved by your higher education and by your obtaining a specialized degree.

Saving for Your Child’s (Children’s) Education:

Your child’s (children’s) education is very important.  Saving for his or her education is socially responsible.  Your child will be very fortunate that you saved toward his or her education.  That makes for an excellent start for your child’s future as an adult.  A higher education helps pave the way for a better life for your child as an adult, a fulfilling career, and better pay. 

Purchasing a New Automobile:

A new automobile is a socially responsible investment.  A new set of wheels is more dependable than a used set of wheels.  When you purchase a new automobile, you get an excellent warranty with your investment.  Your new vehicle can fit your needs:  such as for work, for leisure, for taking your children to their games, for that romantic evening, and/or for traveling – while on vacation.  By choosing the right vehicle for you, your wants and your needs, you will be making a socially responsible investment.  It is true that the value of a vehicle goes down as soon as it goes off the lot.  For most people, an automobile is a necessity.  A new automobile doesn’t need as many repairs as a used automobile.  A new vehicle can be more fuel efficient.   The new car can be a more safe mode of traveling than the used car.   Choosing an automobile that fits your lifestyle, and your wants and needs, is a good investment to make. 

Saving for Your Retirement:

Saving for your retirement is an excellent, socially responsible investment.  During retirement, most people are living on less money than they did when they were working.  For most people, social security retirement money is not enough to live on adequately.  When living on just social security retirement money, many times, you will cut out some of the things that you need, and definitely some of the things that you want.  Saving money for your retirement, so that you will have more money than just social security retirement is a smart thing to do.  This will help you to be able to purchase those things that you need and that you want.