Top Products to Save on at the Dollar Store

The dollar store is a bargain on many, many items.  Many of the same items cost double, triple or even more times that at the regular stores.  Some items are a better deal than others, however.  The following are some of the top products to save on at the dollar store.

Helium Mylar balloons

Many of the dollar stores such as the Dollar Tree offer helium balloons for only a dollar.  These are very nice, with different characters on them such as the Disney Princesses and other mainstream characters.  At a dollar, this is quite a deal.  You will find these to be three times the price at many stores. 

Party supplies

At the party store you will pay $3 and $4 for a lot of party supplies such as plates, party hats, noisemakers, decorations and so forth.  The dollar store has many of these items for their signature dollar price tag.  In addition, many of them are very pretty, and they even have some mainstream characters such as Sesame Street.  You can end up spending $10 on what would literally cost you $40 at the party supply store and still have a great looking party.  In addition to supplies for birthday parties, they will often have supplies for bridal showers as well.

Greeting cards

Many of the dollar stores have greeting cards at 2 for a $1.  Since many of the mainstream stores sell cards for $2, $3, $4 or even more, this is a great deal.  They have all different types at this price.

Pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests can be quite expensive.  Many of the ones you will buy at the regular stores end up to be $5 a pop.  At $1, these are quite the bargain.  What’s more is that they actually work very well and are comparable with the top brands out there as far as early detection.

Picture frames

Many dollar stores have a variety of picture frames.  These can be great if you need a lot of them to give as gifts with picture of kids in them.  They will also sometimes have little photo albums as well.


There are many toys at the dollar store.  You can give your kids $5 and they can pick out five items, which might be fun for them.

A dollar store such as Dollar Tree can save you greatly.  The aforementioned items are just a few in which you will see big savings.