Top Reasons why Breckenridge is the new Real Estate Hotspot

Breckenridge, Colorado has long been praised as a skier’s paradise, but thanks to the newest completion of a lift and lodging resort linking the four mountains, for which its winter sports have become popular to the entire town, this area nestled in the Colorado Rockies is fast becoming the ideal place to own a home or land.

Discovered in 1859 during the Colorado gold rush, this charming town of 3,182 residents is the best area to invest in real estate. While many homeowners across America are reeling in the era of plummeting property values, residents of this once gold-laden town are resting comfortably knowing the value of their property is appreciating by the quarter.

Summit County Market Statistics issued by Land America shows that Breckenridge real estate is rising by leaps and bound every quarter. The average cost of a single family home in the first quarter of 2007 was recorded at $934,120; by the second quarter the sales price had risen to $1,038,269.

But this is not the only reason Breckenridge is the ideal place to live. Breckenridge also boasts a rich social life that would stir envy in the hearts of many big-city dwellers. A year-round hotspot, you can hit the slopes skiing or snowboarding on world-famous mountains that attract some 32,000 tourists a year, do some shopping at the boutiques or pop by the luxurious spas.

Residents and tourists enjoy fly fishing, kayaking, hot air ballooning, hut trips, and the Spring Massive Festival that runs April 1-22.

Or if golf is more your thing, you can tee off at the championship 27-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses in town.

A recreational center popular among residents offers tennis, basketball and many indoor sports.

Nightlife serves up a gourmet feast that tantalizes your taste for Italian, Chinese, Swiss or whatever food you desire at Breckenridge’s 100 restaurants, or it affords you the opportunity to mingle at nightclubs, lounges, pubs and sports bars.

But while Breckenridge is indeed a place to party, it’s also a serious place to settle down and live your life. Boasting a per capita income of just under $30,000, Breckenridge is among the best in the country. There are even many opportunities for employment as businesses here often find themselves short staffed in peak seasons.

Breckenridge averages 300 days of sunshine per year and gets as cold as 15 degrees Fahrenheit on winter nights and as hot as 80 degrees Fahrenheit on summer days.

But whatever the temperature is Breckenridge is a great place to own a home or land, so be sure to secure your piece of real estate before the mad rush.

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