Top Ten Items to Purchase at a Dollar Store

In today’s changing economy, more and more people are finding it a struggle to make ends meet and providing for even the basic needs of their families. Prices at the standard store checkouts are rising along with everything else, but there is one place where you can still get something for the same price that it’s always been. That is the local dollar store! While there are some things there that aren’t really a bargain at all, due to poor quality or expiration dates, there are others that can bring you substantial savings. The following are the top ten items that you should purchase at the dollar store to keep your monthly household expenses as low as possible.

1-Soaps and Shampoos

Personal bathroom supplies are found at these dollar stores for amazingly less than those purchased in the regular stores. They aren’t all off brands, either. You can find some of the top national brands that have packaging that may be outdated. Not the product itself, but things such as packaging that is advertising a contest that has ended, will often see the shelving at the dollar store.


Although most clothing at the dollar store is far from a bargain since it will fall apart or shrink at the first washing, socks are one thing that I have found to be a huge value, especially children’s socks that the monster in the washing machine is famous for eating.


Our local dollar store carries scented jar candles on a regular basis. They are wonderful smelling and burn well, lasting as long as the ones for ten times the price at the other stores.

4-Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies for your home are another thing that the dollar store will provide and you can save a small fortune on. We all use them and once they are used, they are dumped down the sink, never to be seen again.

5-Party Dcor

When you are planning a party for someone, you will want to be sure to hit the dollar store first for your decorations. You can usually find balloons, streamers, tablecloths, paper and plastic goods, and even invitations. This can leave you with more to spend on gifts, entertainment and other party needs.

6-Over The Counter Medicines and Vitamins

Being careful to look at expiration dates, you can find many of the goods to stock your medicine cabinet at the dollar store. These items are incredibly expensive in other stores so the savings there add up quickly.

7-Baby Wet Wipes

A wipe is a wipe and its purpose doesn’t really make it worth spending a fortune on.

8-Crafting Supplies

Silk flowers, ribbons and raffia, sewing supplies, and other crafting items are often found at the dollar stores. There is usually at least one full aisle of crafter’s paradise. These are great when school projects come up, too!

9-Greeting Cards

Greeting cards have gotten outlandishly priced. You can spend five dollars or more on a nice card for someone. With that money, you could have gotten them a nicer gift or added some candy to it! At the dollar store, you can get a card that is just as nice for one dollar.

10-Gift Wrap and Gift Bags

The extra gifts that you can afford with your other savings will need to be wrapped and that is no problem at all because the dollar store usually has all that you need for that as well.